January 16, 2024

How Health & Fitness creators can build a business with Server Subscriptions

Discord is already the best place for your audience to talk with each other and build lasting friendships. With Server Subscriptions, Discord is now the best place to build a thriving business — and it’s as easy as making another server role!

In this guide, we’ll explore nine ways that health and fitness creators can create worthwhile Server Subscription offerings for your Discord members.


Workouts: Provide access to Discord-exclusive workout videos that aren't available elsewhere. By creating Subscription-only channels, you can offer personalized workout plans based on a subscriber's fitness level or goals, or share content that isn’t available on other platforms.

Education: Create downloadable guides or ebooks for subscribers — such as workout plans, healthy recipes, grocery lists, or wellness guides — by uploading them directly to a subscriber-exclusive Discord channel.

Nutrition Plans: Offer easily-sharable nutrition plans based on dietary preferences, food allergies, and fitness goals, and pin them in chat so your subscribers can easily find them.


Fitness challenges: Create monthly fitness challenges by listing them as Events for your community. Test your subs by challenging them to stick to a new workout plan, hit their nutrition goals, or incorporate wellness habits into their daily lives. When the dust settles (or during), create a #leaderboard channel to give kudos to subscribers who completed the most challenges, showed great participation, or achieved outstanding results.

Goal-Setting Sessions: Host group goal-setting sessions on a regular basis, then create a channel for participants to share their progress against their new goals and receive support from others! Group accountability not only helps subscribers stay motivated but build connections with one another.


Coaching and consultations: If you are a health or fitness professional, you can provide coaching and consultations! This offer is perfect for subscribers who want more personalized support every month. You could include one-on-one or group training sessions and nutrition consultations in voice channels, or offer a group chat channels that give subscribers additional access to you.


Digital Events: With the power of Stages, you can run your own webinars, live on Discord. Host monthly Q&A sessions with screen share, broadcast your group workout using video, or record an audio podcast with a live audience. If collaboration is something you enjoy, invite guest speakers to share their knowledge and insights with your subscribers.

IRL Events: Interested in bringing your digital community together IRL? Offer early access to meet-ups or host subscriber-only physical events! Whether it’s a monthly run together, running a cooking class in major cities, or a casual meet-up at an upcoming fitness convention, IRL events are a great way for subscribers to experience the magic of your community in a totally new way.

These are just a few ways you can offer unique perks to your Server Subscribers as a health or fitness creator. What’s most important is selling offerings that you feel excited about, align with what you think is most important to your audience, and are sustainable for you and your schedule.

Whether you decide to offer exclusive content, personal coaching and challenges, or something totally out there, we can’t wait to cheer you on.

Ready to jump in and make your very own server? We've made a server template to help you get started. Once you have the template copied, check out this article to enable community, personalize your server, and get started with Server Subscriptions! 

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