October 12, 2023

Subscriber Roles: Offer Discord Access to Your Twitch, TikTok, or YouTube Subscribers

Ahoy there, fellow internet voyagers! 

Prepare to dive into the splendid waters of Discord's subscriber role integration for Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube - a magical realm where your digital universes can collide!

Imagine you’re a maestro conducting a symphony of cats dancing, epic game-streaming marathons, or cooking a cornucopia of delicious treats on your TikTok LIVE, then effortlessly connecting all your beloved subscribers under the grand flag of Discord. Shazam! The once fragmented fan clubs on separate platforms are now harmoniously united in one place. 

Connecting a subscription on your channel gives special Discord roles to your subscribers on Twitch, TikTok, or YouTube, forming a fan kingdom where subscriber emojis dance, memes frolic, and notifications glitter like stars! 🚀🌈🎉

By offering Discord as a perk for your subscribers you are giving them more reasons and value for subscribing!

Ready to get going? See below for more information on how to get started depending on which platform you offer subscriptions. Welcome aboard, matey. This is gonna be a wild ride! 

Twitch Channel Memberships Integration

For Twitch Partner and Affiliate streamers, you can integrate your Twitch channel into your Discord server so you can chat and chill with all of your subscribers. You can either create a sub-only Discord server for your Twitch channel, or you can create a sub-only channel (or two) in your server. 

After your Twitch is connected to your Discord you can integrate Twitch into your server. For more detailed instructions click here.

TikTok LIVE Subscription Customized Perk 

The Discord role is also available as one of TikTok LIVE Subscription’s customized perks. If you’re a TikTok LIVE creator you can add even more value to your LIVE Subscription by offering access to your Discord server or exclusive channel(s).

To get started, access the Discord role customized perk in the Creator Tools section of your profile in the TikTok app. Additional info can be found here in our help page

YouTube Channel Memberships Integration 

If you’re a YouTube partner, you can integrate your YouTube channel into your Discord server so you can hang out with all of your members. You can create a membership-only Discord server for your YouTube channel or dedicate a few channels (or more) to only those select members.

Please note, this is only available for YouTube Partners. If your YouTube channel does not currently have memberships turned on, you will not be able to integrate your YouTube channel into your Discord server.

More info and a detailed FAQ about the YouTube integration can be found here.  

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