October 12, 2023

The Content Connection

No matter where in the world your audience hails from, they all have one thing in common: they enjoy your content! Whether you talk about beauty, gaming, or something totally niche like reviewing cheeses, the content you create acts as a starting point for connecting your community.

We’ll be sharing two of the many ways you can use Discord features to help your fans connect over your content.


Within your server, consider creating channels dedicated to discussing your work. Are you a beauty and lifestyle creator posting on certain days of the week? In your Discord server, you could start up a channel for your #Sunday-Vlogs and another for your #Makeup-Tutorials.

As a creator, you can help kickstart meaningful conversation by directly engaging in the channel the chat is happening in. Ask the chat what their favorite moment from your latest video is, or collect ideas for what your next creation should be. Once the chat gets rollin’, your members will keep it goin’!

Providing the space for your audience to engage in meaningful conversation regarding their shared interest (you!) is a great way to facilitate connection — perhaps even more friendships will bloom outside of the conversation thanks to you!

Read up on creating channels here.


Did you know you can schedule your upcoming events directly on Discord? You can use event scheduling as a way to make the most of the content you’re already posting onto other platforms, and users who opt-in to your event will be notified when it begins!  

If you post a new video every Monday morning, you could utilize Discord’s event scheduling to establish a weekly event Monday afternoon where you can answer community questions live. Or, schedule a weekly event where you’ll screen share your video editing process to give community members a peak at what’s coming next.

By creating a regular cadence of events that works for you and aligns with your content,  your community members will have something to look forward to on Discord that encourages them to check in on your server more often. Find all of the details on how to create events here.

Your Discord server is a space for you and your fans to connect on a deeper level, and that begins with your content. By utilizing features such as unique channels and event scheduling, you have the opportunity to bring your content to life in new and unique ways. We can’t wait to see how you use your content to foster a thriving community.

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