October 12, 2023

Creator to Server Admin 201

Look at you! You’ve graduated to the 201 class now! Congratulations on becoming a fantastic community  admin!  

Whether you have had a server for a while or still feel like you’re a bit new to Discord, the organization of your server can have an immediate effect on your member experience. You want new and existing members to be able to flow through the server with ease.

Below are a few resources to help you keep your server organized — it’s like your class notes for your 201 class.

  1. Onboarding New Members: Discover how to provide your newest members with an excellent first experience.
  2. Channels Every Server Should Have: This article is a great gut-check to ensure you have channels to help your server stay organized!

You’ll want your new server to be full of ways for members to engage with one another. Luckily for you, Discord has voice, chat and video chat options for you to play around with.

Wanna take it a step further? Dive into the App Directory, a place to explore new ways to enhance your community. In addition, take a peek at a few of our favorite articles to help you keep your server engaging:

  1. Content Connection: As a creator, content is kinda your thing! This article covers ways you can use Discord channels and events to help fans connect over your creations.
  2. Role Rundown: In this Community Portal article, you’ll find everything you need on using Roles in your server to increase community engagement.

Keep your server optimized and engaging, and you’ll surely be on your way to being an all-star community admin! Once you’re ready to start earning money on Discord, check out this article on how-to transition from a free to paid community.

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