October 12, 2023

Making Space for Creation

When crafting your next creation, you’re typically the one creating for your audience. In a community space on Discord, you have the opportunity to let your fans create alongside you! We’ll be reviewing a handful of easy ways to encourage co-creation within your server.

First off (this is the easy one): Your existing content can serve as a starting point for co-creation. You might already see this happening in the form of Duets on your short-form videos, or community members using your audio clips on new videos. Through Discord, you’ll be able to promote new ways for your fans to take your content a step further.

Start up some community events, such as a “Creation Challenge” that encourages fans to take your existing content and shape something new, like memeing-up your latest video or choreograph a dance to your latest jam.

Co-creation gives fans the opportunity to connect with one another through their own creativity. Making dedicated channels in your server for encouraging participation is a great way to facilitate community.

Your own content isn’t the only way to encourage co-creation. Just like you, your fans have their own creative ambitions, hobbies, and skills. With your Discord server, you can provide opportunities for your fans to create with one another without having to rely on your content to come out first.

Need a good place to start? Create channels for the community to #share-your-work, and each month, share the spotlight on apiece of content from the channel to spotlight in an upcoming video.

If you start to notice a larger common thread between your fans, you can even build out new channels for those members to connect with one another in. We hear #fly-trap-gardening is in right now, and your community seems to be really into it!  

There’s no limit to encouraging your community to co-create on Discord. Once you are ready to get started, you can find all the details on scheduling events here. In the meantime, we’ve got our trusty recommendations below to continue your community creation journey:

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