Channels Every Community Server Should Have

Creating a server from scratch can be daunting—especially when you look into the empty space where all your channels will go. But while you’re settling on the topics and spaces that make your community unique, you can get your server off on the right foot with these common, useful, time-tested channels.

Housekeeping Channels

There’s a reason these three channels can be found in virtually every successful server: they help communities feel safe and welcome.

  • #rules: State your server’s rules clearly and concisely, then set them as a welcome page by going to Server Settings > Community Overview. Servers have also found it helpful to allow only moderators the ability to post in a Rules channel. 
  • #introductions: By giving newcomers a place to say hello, meet existing members, and maybe even answer fun icebreakers, you’ll ensure your server gives off a good first impression.
  • #suggestions: Giving your community a place to share their perspective on the server will ensure they feel valued and engaged.

Fun Channels

These common channels are often crowd-pleasers.

  • #pet-pictures: Pet owners rarely pass up a chance to show off their furry friends…and who doesn’t like looking at cute animals?
  • #off-topic: Creating a place just for side chats and casual conversation helps the rest of your server keep focused.
  • #self-promotion: Showcase your server’s creativity by giving members spaces to show off their work.
  • #games (i.e. #wordle, #ffxiv): When members have a place to post their victories and vent their defeats, daily games become a great community bonding activity.

Support Channels

Depending on your community, some of these less-common channels could offer your members a useful service. Consider giving these a read and thinking about which might come in handy.

  • #quick-questions: A place for members to ask you and your moderators simple questions without getting buried in #general. 
  • #vent: Dedicated “vent” channels give community members a chance to share their troubles without bringing down the mood. Just take care to ensure this environment remains safe and supportive.
  • #going-live: A place to let your community know when the next stage event or stream is happening allows members to plan their attendance.
  • #highlights: Give people who missed the live events a chance to see what they’re missing. You may want to make this channel moderators-only to ensure you put your best foot forward with each clip.
  • #looking-for-group: Help your users find groups to play their games with—because the server that plays together, stays together.

Looking through your favorite servers might help you spot other channels your community might enjoy.

Above all else, consider both the conversations your members will want to have and the ones you’ll want to encourage. Choosing your channels carefully is a good way to ensure a successful and engaged community.