Growing Your Server With Social Media

Let's cover some useful tips on attracting and retaining new community members outside of Discord.

Promotion Basics

  • Sell your community. Don’t just tell everyone your server exists, tell them why they should join. Whatever you’re bringing to the table, be it unique discussions or an unbeatable community vibe, put it front and center.
  • Remove friction phrases. Emphasize what they’ll get, not what they have to do. “Awesome weekly tournaments” is exciting; “sign up for weekly tournaments” sounds like a chore. 
  • Focus on the unique. Anything that makes your server special is a valuable selling point. If you’re the only server to discuss a niche hobby, or offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content, make sure to put the word out.
  • Give them a reason to join now. Try to avoid having anyone think: “I should join that server at some point.” Let them know about any upcoming events, promotions, or other opportunities they’d miss if they don’t join right away. 

Advanced Techniques

  • Feature content from your server as assets on social media. By showing off community-created art, funny exchanges between members, and other community highlights (always with permission, of course), you show prospective newcomers what they’re missing out on.
  • Get guests to cross-promote. If you’ve invited a bigger-name figure over for an interview, Stage Event, or other promotion, get them to share the link to your server on their channels. Make their reach work for you! 
  • Meet your members where they are. Don’t spread yourself thin across every social media platform in existence. Focus on areas where your community has the strongest presence.
  • Remain consistent. Only a small percentage of your followers see a given post. Keep a permanently-visible invite link in your bio or pinned posts, and talk about your community often to make sure everyone knows what your server has to offer.

Remember, admins: always be promoting.