Turning Your Social Posts into Community Activations

Do you already post content to Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites that are relevant to your community? Here are tips on sharing those same posts to your server while inspiring healthy discussions.

From Social Media to @Everyone

You probably don’t need to @ your whole server with a Tweet describing your breakfast.

So what are some categories of post that make for useful server announcements?

  • Important Updates and Hype: All the news and content your community’s been waiting for. What’s going on now and what’s coming soon.
  • Community Resources: Blogs, videos, and other guides your community would find educational.
  • Feedback: Questions and surveys you want to share with your members so you can better understand them and serve their interests.

Adding Engagement

Your social media posts make a good starting point for server activations, but there are plenty of ways you can make them work even better for you.

  • Support Announcements with a Stage Event: Instead of just dropping big news and watching people react, follow up immediately with a Stage Event to hear reactions, answer questions, and give your members a look behind the scenes.
  • Create Interactivity: Turn a tweet into a Question of the Day, a video into a Watch Party, a blog post into a round table discussion. Look for ways to spark active conversations.
  • Keep an Eye on What Works: Some of your social media posts will resonate more on Discord than others. Don’t just repost everything: pay attention to what provokes engagement and lean into it.

Nobody needs you to turn every social media post into a server activation.

But as long as you’re thoughtful about what you share, there’s no reason you can’t make your existing copy work for you and your community.