Growing Your Server With Invites

If nobody’s invited to your server, it’s going to stay pretty lonely. But it also won’t grow very fast if you’re the only one doing the inviting. How can you help your server spread by word-of-mouth?

Top Tips from Discord

Putting a link out there that lets strangers join your community can be a little nerve-wracking.

The better you understand the process, the more confidence and control you’ll have.

  • Have a Vision: If you want your community to feel like a dinner party, focus on inviting people one at a time. If you want more of a block party vibe, encourage and empower your users to seek out new members.
  • Stick to One Invite Link: You want your members spreading the word, but if all of them are creating their own invites, it will be a lot harder for you to control the influx of new members. Creating one simple, centralized link and putting it in a prominent channel like #rules or #welcome will make it easier for you to manage its parameters down the road.
  • Make an Impression with Custom Invites: If your server has a Discord Partnership or the highest tier of Server Boosting, you can make a custom invite link instead of a random url.
Nothing like a custom invite. Gets me all choked up.

Ready to get started? Explore our Invites 101 FAQ and get crackin'!