Discord apps serve a vital role on the platform. They can help moderators by automating tasks, create delightful experiences for members with stats and mini-games, and layer in whole new levels of functionality for communities. But finding apps on third-party websites and developer channels hasn’t always been easy. That’s why we’re stepping up to provide a seamless, on-platform source for admins to browse, discover, and add apps to their communities: The App Directory.

Finding New Apps

There are hundreds of options on the App Directory. While it’s fun to wade through them all, you might find it helpful to start with specific categories that speak to what you’re looking for. 

Looking to give your users some fun new options? Try checking out Games, Social, or Entertainment. Want to lighten your load as an admin or structure your server more efficiently? Try looking at Moderation and Tools, or perhaps Utilities.

It’s also worth checking in with our Collections every now and again. These are apps we’re currently choosing to highlight, which may include hidden gems, fan favorites, and rising stars, that offer something for a wide range of servers. You can check back in to the App Directory over time to see different apps in Collections. 

A Closer Look at Apps

Each app in the Directory has its own page. There you’ll find useful info, like what categories the app belongs to, where you can find the developer’s website and social accounts, popular slash commands, and so on. There may even be an invite to a Discord server where you can try out the app or receive support.

You may notice that a few apps offer subscriptions to Premium Features that you can purchase through Discord, bringing you all-new levels of customization and functionality in exchange for your patronage. We love seeing hard-working developers get the support they need, so if you see something interesting, give it a try! Premium App subscriptions are rolling out slowly, so keep your eyes peeled for more ways to support your friendly neighborhood developer.

Somewhere on the App Directory is the next interesting, useful, and creative addition to your favorite Discord community. Take a look! You never know what you’ll find out there.‍