May 12, 2022

Four steps to a super safe server

Moderating a Discord server is an important responsibility, but it can take a little while to get used to. Whether you’re a new server owner or a veteran administrator, our tips below will help you make your server super safe.

1. Set up roles and permissions

Roles are one of the building blocks of managing a Discord server. They give your members a fancy color, but more importantly, each role comes with a set of permissions that control what your members can and cannot do in the server. With roles, you can give members and bots administrative permissions like kicking or banning members, adding or removing channels, and pinging @everyone.

You can find these options in the Roles section of your Server Settings.

Assign permissions with care! Certain permissions allow members to make changes to your server and channels. These permissions are a great moderation tool, but be wary of who you grant this power to. Changes made to your server can’t be undone.

You can learn more about implementing roles and permissions in Role Management 101 and our Setting Up Permissions FAQ article.

2. Set a verification level

Server verification levels allow you to control who can send messages in your server. Setting a high verification level is a great way to protect your server from spammers or raids. You can find this option in the Safety Setup section of your Server Settings.

Verification levels

  • None - All new members in the server can start chatting immediately with no restrictions.
  • Low - Members in the server must have a verified email on their Discord account to begin chatting. We recommend this setting for any server where you’re putting an invite link on the internet!
  • Medium - Members in the server must have a verified email and their Discord account must be at least 5 minutes old to begin chatting.
  • High - Users must meet all of the previous requirements and also must be a member of the server for at least 10 minutes to begin chatting. This is a good way to stall raids. Most raiders don’t have the patience to wait ten minutes before they spam the channel.
  • Highest - Members must have a verified phone number on their Discord account. This is the highest verification level.

3. Enable server-wide 2FA

When enabled, server-wide two-factor authentication (2FA) requires all of your moderators and administrators to have 2FA enabled on their accounts in order to take administrative actions, like deleting messages. You can read more about 2FA here.

By requiring all admin accounts to have 2FA turned on, you protect your server from malicious users who might try to compromise one of your moderators' or administrators' accounts and then make unwanted changes to your server. If you are the server owner, you can enable the 2FA requirement for moderation in the Safety Setup section of your Server Settings.

You must have 2FA enabled on your own account before you can enable this option!

4. Explicit image filter

The explicit image filter automatically blocks messages in a server that may contain explicit images in channels not marked as Age-restricted.

You can control this feature so that it applies to all server members, or just to members without roles — or you can turn this feature off altogether.

Age-restricted channels are exempt from the explicit image filter. Turning this filter on allows your server members to share content while reducing the risk of explicit images being posted in channels that are not age-restricted.

You can access this setting by navigating to Server Settings, and under Moderation, select SafetySetup, and then find the Explicit image filter heading.

Server Safety

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