104: How to Report Content to Discord

Content that breaks the Discord Community Guidelines should be reported to Discord's Trust & Safety team. You should read over and be familiar with these guidelines (it's not very long, don't worry). You should also be aware of the Discord Terms of Service, which provides a much more in depth description of what is and isn’t allowed on Discord. For more information on how the Trust & Safety team operates as well as other ways to keep yourself safe on Discord, check out the Discord Safety Center.

Making a Report

If you believe you have encountered behavior from a user or content that breaks the Community Guidelines or terms of service, you can submit a report by doing the following:

  • Save any relevant message IDs and/or user IDs by right clicking the message or user. Make sure Developer Mode is enabled in the Appearance tab of your user settings. It may also be a good idea to have the server ID handy if you are reporting a server-wide issue. Please note that in most cases, Discord does not accept screenshots as evidence. Screenshots can be easily doctored in a multitude of ways. You MUST submit message links and/or user/server IDs for a report to be actioned since IDs are the only verifiable way for the Trust & Safety team to see messages.
  • Delete and Report the content if you wish to delete it. Delete and Report is a feature available to admins in the server with the “manage messages” permission. Messages that are deleted and NOT reported will be lost forever and you will be unable to use them as evidence. Some messages may contain content that you'd like to get rid of quickly. Using Delete and Report allows the message to be saved for the Trust & Safety team so they can view it even after the message is deleted. The next section will further detail how to properly utilize the Delete and Report function.
  • Fill out this form (dis.gd/request). Include one relevant message link (not just the message ID). Any other saved message links or IDs can be put in the description of the report. If you are reporting a user, include a message link from that user. If you are reporting a server as a whole, include a message link of the violating behavior or content in question. 
  • You may choose to attach other files such as screenshots, but remember that screenshots are not valid evidence. 

Extra tips:

  • If you are dealing with a raid, you may have a large number of users or messages to take care of. Typically, saving just a few user/message IDs is sufficient, so don't stress about trying to report every single piece of evidence in these situations. Additionally, user IDs are typically more useful to the Trust & Safety team when reporting raids, so be sure to include a good amount of user IDs along with a few sample message IDs. Finally, be sure to include the ID of the server that was raided.
  • If you have access to In-App Reporting (which is explained in detail on the next page), you may use the same process as above, but you can delete the reported message without Delete and Report, as IAR saves the message as well.

For more information on the different methods of reporting and deleting messages, see the following page.

Understanding The Different Methods of Reporting

There are 3 main ways to report content to discord, and they each work a little bit differently. Here is a breakdown on how each method works:

Delete and Report (DAR or DnR)

Deleting and Reporting allows a message to be saved (cached) and sent to the Trust & Safety team so they can view it even after the message is deleted. If you DAR messages, you should also be sure to complete a full report using the form below. To use DAR, delete a message and toggle the "Report to Discord's Trust & Safety" option in the confirmation modal as seen below.


Online Form

The online form is the most commonly used method to report content to discord. Fill out each field as explained above to make a report via the form. Message IDs entered into the form will not be saved when the message is deleted unless you use DAR.

  • In App Reporting (IAR) - IAR is an experimental feature that some users may have access to. This allows them to make reports directly from a message. Unlike the form, IAR does not require a message ID, as the message ID attached is automatically pulled from the message you are reporting. IAR will save messages. You do not need to DAR the message if you use IAR. In fact, the message will be saved as soon as you begin the process of filling out the IAR form, so another moderator can delete the message while you are filling out the report! The right click menu and 3 dot menu options for IAR, and the IAR modal itself can be seen below. Keep in mind however, to use IAR in a server, the server must first have 50 or more members. Otherwise the option will not be shown.

image_2020-12-07_194205.png       image_2020-12-07_194242.png


iOS Reporting

If you use the report feature on the iOS app, you will see a screen which allows you to choose what type of content you are reporting. This screen is similar to what you encounter when using DAR. In fact, an iOS report is almost the same as DAR, aside from the fact that the message doesn't get deleted. This means you should only use iOS reporting as a means of saving the message, and you should create a ticket to better explain the details of the report. Once you submit the report, you may delete the message if you wish. The report button appears in the menu below when you long press a message. The report screen that you see when pressing the button is also shown below.


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