Editor’s Note: The info in this blog post is outdated and the DMA exam is no longer in effect. For the latest information on the Discord Moderation and Safety, please visit https://discord.com/safety-library.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Discord Moderator Academy Exam! The exam covers a wide range of topics from the growing library of Discord Moderator Academy articles and will test your prowess in all things moderation.

What is the Discord Moderator Academy?

Discord is a special place because of all of the amazing communities where people find those with similar interests, form friendships, and create belonging. These communities are built and cared for by moderators, who make sure these servers grow and flourish while making sure the community held within is healthy and safe.

The Discord Moderator Academy (DMA) was created to empower those moderators to lead more effectively, manage teams, and learn more about the tools needed to help foster their communities. DMA is a collection of resources written by moderators of some of Discord’s most prominent communities.

The amount of content continues to grow, now consisting of over three dozen articles carefully crafted by moderators across the platform, each bringing their expertise on a wide variety of different challenging topics. We built the Moderator Academy as a comprehensive resource so anyone, from first-time mods of smaller servers to experienced veterans of massive online communities, can find resources to learn about moderation, community management and more.

What happens when I pass the exam?

Those who pass the DMA Exam will be eligible to apply to join Discord’s growing moderator ecosystem of communities — users 18+ can join the Discord Moderator Discord, while users between the ages of 13–17 can join the Moderator Mentorship Community. Both of these servers are a growing community of passionate moderators on the platform to discuss all things moderation.

As the center of community moderation for Discord, both servers foster discussions about community moderation, leadership and administration, and server development on Discord. Discuss all things moderation, product features, Trust & Safety and Policy, and more. You’ll find the platform’s best moderators, bot devs, scholars and researchers, and even Discord engineers and product managers, Trust & Safety members, and policy experts. They’re people who help imagine, build, maintain, and grow the most amazing communities on the platform, and the internet as a whole — and you can be a part of it all.

Just a few of the questions you’ll find on the DMA Exam. Do you know the right answer?

In Discord’s moderator servers, moderators build connections with each other, showcase community accomplishments, offer their own moderation opportunities, seek out help with challenging moderation issues and learn about moderation tools. You can even step back and think about what it truly means to be a community moderator by discussing moderation philosophy, hypotheticals, and the practicalities of community management.

There are regular meetings about moderation on Discord, sneak peeks at upcoming Discord features, and the chance to hear from teams across the company on what they’re working on. You can even help offer ideas for product features — we’re right there to listen.

Where can I take the exam?

When you’re ready to be tested, the exam is accessible from any article within the Discord Moderator Academy. We recommend reading through all the articles before taking the exam — take some time to find a quiet spot and set aside an hour to take on the exam. You can also find it here.

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions, as well as short answer questions on hypothetical situations, moderation policy, as well as some questions about your moderation experience and the communities you moderate. Completed tests are hand-reviewed by our Trust & Safety team, so make sure it’s in good shape when you hit submit.

We wish you the best of luck on the Moderator Exam! 📝