As an admin and community leader, helping onboard the newest members as best as possible  is the difference between them being a quick visitor or a new long-lasting friend. 

In the past, welcoming communities throughout Discord have implemented their own ways to verify their newer members. Sometimes they’ll add a popular moderation App from the App Directory, while others go as far as building their own App for their unique use-case.

When every community has their own method to verify, newcomers might be confused, or even overwhelmed and depart before saying hello. Even experienced Discord members may struggle as they try and figure out how a particular server handles their gating methods. 

Enter Community Onboarding: Now, every Community Server can opt to use a simple survey that guides new members through your server's roles and channels. It’s easy to understand, inviting, and lets newcomers feel both welcomed and well-oriented to hit the ground running. 

An animated GIF demonstrating how Discord’s new Onboarding feature works.

Since Onboarding is built directly into Discord rather than requiring users to interact with a community-created App, your moderation team can ensure your server's own first impression is welcoming and intuitive. Your newest members will spend less time figuring out server entry and more time enjoying your server, paving the way for meaningful interactions and a sense of belonging.

Setting up Onboarding requires just three simple steps:

  • Select Default Channels everyone sees in their channel list upon joining.
  • Create Questions to help members choose additional channels and roles.
  • Link answers to channels and roles.

Even after you select Default Channels shown for @everyone, any person entering your community will have to complete onboarding before they can post in your community. You can require all your Onboarding questions to be answered or let certain questions be optional. If your server has Rules Screening, prospective members will have to also complete Rules Screening after Onboarding. 

For the full scoop on Onboarding, all its requirements, and more details on how to enable it, head on over to the Onboarding Help Center article. Embark on your journey to create the perfect Onboarding experience for your community today! ✨