*enters stage left while doing a kickflip on a skateboard before pulling up in front of you, taking off their sunglasses to reveal a second pair of sunglasses* 🛹

Blazing Blog Billy here with a TOTALLY RAD NITRO NEWSFLASH: Four incredibly cool new features are on their way to Nitro subscribers! (Nitroooooooh yyeeeahh!)

We’ve got SUPER REACTIONS. We’ve got SOUNDBOARD. You might even already be using Nitro’s new color THEMES if you’re a rad enough person — all of these and more are coming to DISCORD NITRO. 

Plus, add some funky flair to your Discord profile icon with new seasonal AVATAR DECORATIONS. It’s like sticker-bombing your FACE. Your CIRCLE-SHAPED VIRTUAL FACE, because you’re definitely not a SQUARE. 

Never heard of Discord Nitro before? We’ve got the lowdown: it’s our, uh… *looks at the tiny note scribbled inside their palm*... “premium subscription offering that enhances your self-expression abilities and helps you unleash more fun with your friends. With more perks than ever before, there’s never been a better time to check out Discord Nitro!” 

I gotta get goin’, y’all — the actual Discord employees are here to talk about the cool Nitro perks they made. See you on the (kick)flipside. 

*exits stage right, skating away in a way that’s cooler than you can comprehend*

Super Reactions

Rolling out on desktop starting today, Super Reactions bring an extra burst of energy and spirit to hype up chat when you need it the most. It’s a visual representation of the sheer excitement that using an emoji to react brings to the table, presented in a way that a normal static emoji, or even animated emoji, just can’t offer. 

A Super Reaction in action, utilizing the Pulsing Heart emoji. The heart bursts out of the screen!

Nitro subscribers will receive 5 Super Reactions per week on server messages of their choosing, while Nitro Basic or Nitro Classic subscribers will receive 2 Super Reactions per week.

Everyone will be receiving 2 Super Reactions to get started, even if you don’t have Nitro yet! Peruse the recent announcement blog for all the important info, such as about how often Nitro subscribers can Super React and how you can use ‘em in your own communities. 


A few short weeks ago, we released 16 unique themes for Nitro subscribers to bring their vibe to Discord. Today, we're releasing an additional 5 themes for subscribers, bringing them even more vibes to their views.

A collage of four theme colors on the Discord desktop app.

Joining the lineup today are Retro Storm, Strawberry Lemonade, Aurora, Sepia and Neon Nights. Check out our Themes-themed blog to learn how to bring your style to Discord. 


Today, in an ensemble of duck quacks, trumpets, and air horns that go BRR BRBRBRRRR, we’re introducing Soundboard: a new way to react in Voice channels with sounds curated by your community.  

A screenshot of Discord’s desktop app. The user is in a Voice call, and the new Soundboard button is highlighted.

Upload the sounds you want to your server’s soundpack, and your fellow community members can use them within a Voice call. Plus, Nitro subscribers can use soundpacks across servers, just like they can with emojis and stickers.

Soundboard will be rolling out over the coming weeks, take a peek at its announcement blog to learn how it works!

New Limited Time Avatar Decorations

Add extra flair to your profile icon with a new set of limited time Avatar Decorations. Put on some flourishing flowers, a mushroom cap, or give yourself a forehead froggy! 

A screenshot of someone applying an Avatar Decoration on their profile icon.

These Avatar Decorations will be available for Nitro subscribers to add to their profile icons until May 10th, so head over to User Settings > Profiles and plop a puppy on your profile while you can. 

Four Nitro Perks for Expanding Your Expression Abilities

Nitro has gotten a little more expressive. A little more fun. And dare we say, a little more Nitro. With Soundboard, Super Reactions, Themes, and new seasonal Avatar Decorations, there’s so many ways for any Nitro member to benefit from these sweet new Nitro perks.

Do you vibe with a particular Theme or Avatar Decoration? Find the perfect emoji to burst out with a Super Reaction, or did you perfectly time playing that Soundboard sound? Show us what you’ve done over on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.