Talking with your Discord friends while playing your favorite PS5® games is about to get WAY easier and WAY faster. Starting today, we’re rolling out the ability to join a Discord call directly from your PlayStation®5 console — no mobile app needed! No matter if your friends are using the desktop app, are out and about on the mobile app, or are also console gamers, you can chat with ‘em whenever you want. This is a gradual release starting in Japan/Asia, followed by more regions in the coming weeks. 

Wanna communicate with your crossplay squad on Discord while fighting off bugs? Or maybe you want to use some of your PS5 console’s Media apps to relax and enjoy some videos while chattin’ the night away. Use Discord Voice Chat on your PS5 console to cooperate, compete, or just share what’s on your mind with your friends.

Joining your friends is just a few DualSense™ wireless controller button presses away, so leave your phone trapped in the couch cushion and focus on the game (your phone’s probably dead anyway).

How to Join Discord Server Voice Channels From PS5 console

If you’ve already linked your account for PlayStation Network™ to Discord in the past, you’re all set! No need to reconnect the two again. Haven’t linked your account for PlayStation Network to Discord? See how to do it here

Once you’re all linked up, joining a Discord call from your PS5 console is done entirely within the system menus. Toss your mobile device across the room and onto a soft pillow, you won’t need it to join! 
To join a Discord call directly from your PS5 console, grab your DualSense wireless controller and follow the steps below:

First, press the PlayStation button on your controller to open up the Control Center and navigate to the Game Base. If you hid the Game Base from your Control Center in the past, you can press the Options button to customize the Control Center and add it back in. 

A demonstration of the PS5 User Interface. The “Game Base” button is highlighted at the bottom of the screenshot.

Next, pick the new “Discord” option in the Game Base! You should know what the icon looks like… right? Once you select it, you’ll see a list of alllll the servers you’re in, and even an option to look through your DMs and Group DMs! 

A demonstration of connecting to a Discord call on a PS5 console. In the “Game Base,” a Discord button is highlighted for users to select.

Select a server, then scope things out and see who may already be in a voice channel. If you want to hop in, hit Join and… BOOM! You’re in. 

A demonstration of connecting to a Discord call on a PS5 console. The user is selecting a Discord voice channel to connect to. 

Way easier, and no extra device is necessary! If you still prefer the old-school method of joining a call by transferring it from Discord on desktop or mobile as mentioned here, that option will still be available. Who knows, maybe you’ll see the button to transfer your call in Discord and go “OH YEAH, I can do that, huh?!” Options are always good, ya’know?

How to Join Discord Voice in a DM or Group DM From Your PS5 console

Joining a Discord DM call from your PS5 console is similar to joining a server’s voice channel, but with one more button press that we’ll bold below. Remember, you’ll need to link your account for PlayStation Network to Discord beforehand. 

  • Press the “PlayStation” button on your DualSense wireless controller to open the Control Center and navigate to the Game Base.
  • In the Game Base, select the “Discord” option. This will open up all your available servers AND include an option to browse through DMs.
One final demonstration of the Discord experience on PS5 console. Here, the “Direct Calls” button is prominently displayed.‍
  • In the Discord menu, select “Direct Voice Chats” to open up a list of your DMs and Group DMs, organized by the last time the conversation was active.
  • Lastly, press Join to connect and start chattin’ away! 

See? Easy peasy. If you’d like to use your phone to open a Help Center article about this instead, you’ll find it here. Also, charge your phone.

WHEN Can I Join from my PS5 console?

Soon! VERY Soon, in fact! This feature will be gradually rolling out to different regions over the coming weeks. Once the rollout ends, everyone who has updated their PS5 console to the latest system update and has linked their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts will be able to call directly from their PS5 console. We’ll update this article’s title when it’s finally out for everyone.

Get ahead of the curve and link your PlayStation Network and Discord accounts by heading into User Settings > Connections. Along with talking with your Discord friends on your PS5 console, you can also show off what game you’re playing on Discord, like this

Need help? We got ya. Shoot us a message to our lovely support team here and we’ll get you set up and using Discord on your PS5 console in no time.