Seven minutes. Seven minutes is how long it took for you to do the following on your phone: search the internet for “meme generator,” upload the image, save your creation, go BACK into Discord and find the chat you were gonna upload it to and post it. By the time all that happens, the moment’s passed and your sick meme didn’t get the attention it needed. 

Soon, you’ll be able to quickly create ‘em, directly within Discord, using Remix

Currently in Beta, Remix is a new way to create and contribute your own flair to images uploaded to Discord. Learn how to remix, create, meme and share below.

How to Mix Together a Remix on Discord

You see it: a picture of a cat posted to chat. Not just any picture of a cat, but one with the most perfect loaf form you’ve ever seen. It’s the ideal image to add a caption of “this creature just like me fr fr” to, so why not remix it?

The next time you open up someone else’s image or upload your own, you’ll see a new “Remix” button. Tap that, and let your creativity go wild with a new set of editing tools directly in Discord. 

Once you’re done, hit Send to share it with the world (or, ya’know, the chat). You can even remix someone else’s remix! Make it a re-remix, or even a three-mix.

Two screenshots side-by-side. One shows the “Remix” prompt, while the other shows an image that’s had emojis, stickers, text and drawings bestowed upon it.

You can crop an image, write over it with a paintbrush, add text, and even add ANY custom emoji and stickers from your servers to your Remix. When your beautiful artwork is ready to share, select “Send” and the image is instantly posted as a reply to the original message. Not ready to post quite yet? You can also directly download your Remix using the “Save” button to the left of “Send.”

Remix is available in Beta on the iOS and Android apps. For additional details on how to crop, draw, write or stick emojis on your upcoming Remix masterpiece, hop on over to the support article

The First of Many Mixes of Remix

Mix, remix, make beautiful artwork or creative abominations — it’s all up to you. Show us what you’ve created using Remix, or tell us what you think would make Remix perfect for its final release out of Beta by giving us a shout at Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. Help us make it be(t)ta!