Reactions: they say the stuff we just can’t put into words. Want to agree with your friend without saying “^ this” in chat? Slap a “✅” on that bad boy. But sometimes, a small emoji just isn’t enough. 

Take a look at this for instance:

A standard Discord reaction using the “Moai” emoji.

Your favorite 🗿 is just there. Chillin’. Doing nothing after being placed down on a message. It, like the mystical statue the emoji is modeled after, is completely motionless. It doesn’t have the “oomph” that you wanted to convey when it was placed there, and it doesn’t bring the sheer EMOTION that 🗿 needs to bring to the conversation.

Enter one of our newest Nitro perks: Super Reactions.

Standard and Super Reactions in use. Two are normal, while three others burst out in expressive manners.

Super Reactions bring an extra burst of energy and spirit to hype up chat when you need it the most. Whether you want to recognize a friend who did something really rad, highlight a certain post to have it stand out from the pack, or just really really agree with someone, make your reactions burst to life using a Super Reaction.

How to use Super Reactions with Nitro

Subscribers to any tier of Nitro will be able to use unlimited Super Reactions on a message. When you do, your emoji reaction will pop up on the page with a fun animation. If you want, you can add another emoji as a Super Reaction right after... and again... and again...

Any of your emojis can be used as a Super Reaction: That in-joke emoji of your friend’s face after eating a whole lemon? Super-Lemon. Your favorite streamer’s pog emoji? Super-Pog. The incredibly low-resolution animated emoji that’s actually a 15-minute video clip you managed to shove into the 256 KB emoji file limit? You’re obligated to sit through the whole thing now.

When selecting a Reaction, you’ll see a new Super Reaction option. Selecting a Super Reaction works just like a normal Reaction. 
When selecting a Reaction, you’ll see a new Super Reaction option. Selecting a Super Reaction works just like a normal Reaction. 

You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Wait, I can add a Super Reaction to ANY message? Wouldn’t all these messages get bombarded with confetti and decoration if every reaction can be animated?” Well, with great abilities comes… uh… being reasonable with it, I think is the right phrase. 

A demonstration of using a Super Reaction. The user is selecting “Add Reaction,” then in the Emoji menu, chooses “Enable Super Reactions.” This lets the user place a Super Reaction instead of a normal Reaction.

When you see a message that truly needs that extra oomph, give it a Super Reaction and show your appreciation.

And be nice about using your Super Reactions! If a community admin in the server where you used your Super Reaction thinks your reaction usage wasn’t in-line with their rules, they can use their moderator powers to remove your Super Reaction, just like any other reaction.

Looking for some super guidance on Super Reactions? Check out the SUP-port article here

Hype Up Chat with Unlimited Super Reactions, Now in Nitro 

Super Reactions join the lineup of super-rad perks that come with Discord Nitro, our premium offering that helps you unleash more fun and expands your self-expression abilities. Learn all about what Nitro has to offer over at discord.com/nitro

As always, we’re on the usual social networks if you want to reach out: Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. No Super Reactions on those sites, but you can still give us a good ol’ wave. 👋