First, There Was Cross-Play. Now, We’re Bringing Cross-Voice to the World.

For almost eight years, Discord has been the go-to place for gamers on PC, mobile, and console to talk together while playing their favorite games. And now, more players from all over the world will be able to connect with their friends and play the games they love, no matter where they play — including your PS5® console. 

We’re beyond excited to announce that you can now use Discord voice chat on your PS5 to talk with your friends on desktop, web, console, or mobile. 

Chat with your Discord friends while on your PS5, or come together and enjoy multiplayer games, no matter if people are playing on PC, mobile, or a different Discord-supported console.

Keep on reading through this article to learn how Discord voice chat on PS5 works.

Linking Your Account for PlayStation Network to Discord 

If you’ve ever linked an external Connection to your Discord profile before or gained yourself a snazzy Linked Role in a community you frequent, it’s a similar method to connect your account for PlayStation Network to your Discord account.

First, make sure your PS5 is fully up to date with the latest system software. Not sure how? Learn how to update your PS5 here.

To start connecting your accounts on Discord, head into User Settings > Connections on either desktop, web, or mobile. Select the PlayStation logo within the Connections menu and follow the process to get your account for PlayStation Network linked to your Discord account! It looks kinda like this:

A screenshot of the Connections page in Discord, used for linking your account for PlayStation Network to your Discord account.

Once you sign in and link your accounts, you're all set — now, you can voice chat with your Discord friends on your PS5, no matter what platform they're on.

If you've previously linked your account for PlayStation Network to display what game you're playing, you'll have to link your account again to grant the permissions needed for Voice. If you were lucky enough to try out Discord Voice on PS5 during the beta phase, you won't need to link again.

If you need a bit more one-on-one guidance, hop on over to our Help Center article for more help getting yourself all connected.

Once you’ve linked your accounts together, it’s time to get chatting!

How to Use Discord Voice on PS5

Now that your Discord and PlayStation accounts are all cozy and connected, it’s time to talk with your Discord friends on your PS5. 

On mobile, slide up the Voice controls and you’ll see a new button that says “Join on PlayStation.” On desktop, the button looks sort of like a phone and a game controller next to each other.

Two side-by-side screenshots. The button to move your Voice conversation to PS5 is shown on both the desktop and mobile clients. 

Next, you’ll be asked to choose which console that you want to transfer your Voice conversation to. Gamer Magic happens in the background and BOOM, your PS5 is where your conversation takes place at. 

On console, you’ll be able to use all the familiar controls from Discord: mute or lower the volume of others while you get a snack, see the name of the voice channel you’re vibin’ in and hang up the call once you’re done — and it’s even faster to get talking with your DualSense™ controller’s built-in microphone. 

A screenshot of an ongoing Discord call on PS5, with a game running in the background.

Should you need any additional guidance on your Discord & PlayStation journey, take a stop by the Help Center Article and keep it beside you while you're getting set up. For help keeping your community's conversations safe and secure, head over to our Safety Center or take a peek at the Discord Moderator Academy's article about moderating Voice channels.

Discord’s everywhere: Desktop, Web, Mobile or Console. We’re so excited to add one more platform to the mix. Enjoy Discord wherever you play and talk the night away with friends, now easier than ever.

If you’ve got a PS5, we’d love to know how Discord voice chat is working for you. Share your thoughts at the Discord Feedback Forums, or give us a poke on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram.