Here's the Discord Changelog from August 29th, 2022. You can also find the most recent Changelog in the Discord app under Settings > What's New.

  • Added automated moderation for servers. Keep your community safe. Set up rules and alerts to automatically catch and block undesirable messages before they’re posted with AutoMod. Head over to Server Settings > AutoMod to get started. 
  • And now that AutoMod is here, imagine what it would be like to go back in time and set up a rule that blocks the words “Elden” and “Ring” because your friend Devin wouldn’t stop spoiling the game. Thanks a lot, Devin.
  • Free custom sticker slots. Each server can now add up to 5 custom stickers for free. Get started by visiting Server Settings > Stickers. Questions about uploading stickers?
  • Bots are changing! Going forward, most verified bots and apps will use slash commands. Using bots will be as easy as just typing slash "/" instead of struggling to figure out the right command…and then you can’t delete your failed attempts fast enough so you end up embarrassing yourself in #general and everyone starts pinging you…
  • But not all bots are ready just yet! Some devs already have slash commands working, some need a little more time to update. The rollout may be gradual for your favorite bots. In the meantime, you can read more about the change in this blog.

A More Accessible Discord

In July, we celebrated Disability Pride Month with a new Accessibility page and a bunch of new accessibility settings, including:

  • New role color display options. Now you can show role colors as dots next to usernames if colors on words aren’t your thing.
  • Alt text on mobile. Listen to image descriptions on mobile just like desktop.
  • Sync to your Windows contrast theme. Whatever your PC is set to, Discord will match.
  • Accessible drag and drops for everyone! We’ve open-sourced our drag-and-drop code to help people make their own projects more accessible. Check it out on GitHub.

Psst, hey community leaders and students…

  • Trying to grow your server? We’ve launched new resources to help you build your version of the best community on Discord.
  • Trying to make friends at school? First, join your Student Hub to find your classmates and campus servers all in one place. Second…well good luck that part’s up to you…
  • If you’re not a community leader or student and still scrolled this far: Thanks for reading, see you next month :)