Hellooooo to all our talented developers across the globe! 

Today, we're excited to share the latest updates we've been working on for our lovely developer community. We have some new monetization features available for developers in the US, UK, and EU to utilize, and globally purchasable by all users to highlight today. We also have some important policy updates to share, so let’s get straight into it!

Taking Developer Monetization to Greater Heights

If you’re part of a developer team in the US, UK, or EU looking for new ways to make money, or as the fancy business folk call it, “generate revenue?” We got ya covered. Let's chat about what we've got in *store* for you and your apps!

If you’re outside of the territories listed above, don’t worry — we’re planning to expand these features to more countries later on, so feel free to read up and see what’s headed your way in the future. 

A New Store Surface for your App: Found directly in the App Directory and/or on an App’s Profile, you can now sell your app's premium offerings on a fancy new surface, letting users effortlessly view and make purchases. Think of it as your app’s personalized store on Discord! Learn more on how to manage your Store here.

A New One-Time Purchase Option: We've heard your requests for more types of purchase options, and that monthly subscriptions might not be everyone’s preferred payment style.

Now, you can offer One-Time Purchases for your app, whether you’re selling a limited-edition cosmetic armor piece or a fancy XP booster for your game. Read more on how to up-level your purchase options here.

Durable one-time purchase SKUs allow you to offer premium benefits to users that they get to keep after their purchase, such as a new piece of armor your character gets to keep in their war chest. 

We also now support consumable one-time purchase SKUs, which grant users premium benefits that can expire or be used up, such as a potion your character can use once to replenish their health.

New Analytics Tools: Have a craving for comprehensive insights after eating all those consumable snacks? Our new tools provide an in-depth data set that you can export as a CSV file, letting you integrate it directly into your own data tools. This new feature is accessible from your app’s settings page.

Now, you can make well-informed decisions based on easily accessible data and have it displayed in a way that makes the most sense for you and your team.

COMING SOON - Multi-subscription support: We’re working on adding support for offering multiple subscription SKUs! You’ll soon be able to sell different tiers of your subscription in your apps. 

This feature is still cookin’, but we couldn't wait to share the news! Keep your eyes peeled for future announcements on when this will roll out.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Innovation for Developers

Discord is unwavering in our commitment to enhancing your overall developer experience. (We’re so unwavering we said it twice. Or, three times now…. okay, we’ll stop.)

Today, we’re introducing a new “Growth” Tier to better support up-and-coming developers on our platform, as described in our updated Monetization Terms. With this new tier, we're halving Discord's platform fee, from 30% to 15%, for any developer team’s first $1M in cumulative gross sales. Developer teams already monetizing through Premium Apps will have the reduced fee apply to the next $1M in cumulative gross sales, beginning today. You can learn more about the Growth Tier here

In addition to the new features discussed today, we’re updating our Developer Policy and Developer Terms of Service. We made these updates to give you a clearer understanding of what you can expect from us and what we expect from you as you build apps on Discord. Please review the full policies linked below, as they will be effective on July 8, 2024.

Our goal is to enable apps to grow. To do so, these updates include new monetization requirements that aim to create a more seamless and secure user experience for purchasing premium app offerings across our platform.

Developer teams monetizing their apps on Discord will need to adopt Discord's Premium App features for supported offerings and ensure that pricing for such offerings isn't higher than as offered through other payment options, which will help to maintain consistency across our platform. You can read more about required Premium Apps support for monetizing apps here

But don’t worry, we’re not asking you to implement the new monetization requirements overnight. Developer teams will have until October 7th, 2024 to implement these monetization requirements. Feel free to procrastinate a bit until then.

Further Reading on Premium Apps

If you’re the type who prefers to grab a nice cup of tea and sit down and read up on how to do things, explore the following articles to get the lowdown on how to offer subscriptions and experiences to your users:

The Basic Stuff

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Dev Terms and Policy Updates

Improving Monetization Tools to Help Your App Thrive

Our new suite of features and revised fee structure can help generate additional funds you can use to reinvest in tons of ways: Making your app even better? Marketing it to the world? Finally add that new feature you've had on the back burner for ages? 

Whether it's the convenience of one-time purchases, the added exposure from the Store, or the increased profitability offered by the new Growth Tier, each feature announced today contributes to elevating your app's performance… or just more resources to invest in your passion for video games, your call.

Looking to learn more? We’re inviting all developers to join us at the upcoming “Platform Updates” event on Friday, June 28, 2024, in the Discord Developers Server (or DDevs for short). You'll be able to hear about all these updates firsthand from Discord Staff, and if you stick around our community afterward, we've also got some fun surprises planned for you. 

That's all from us for now, folks! We hope you're as thrilled about these new features and updates as we are. We're eagerly waiting to see how you'll harness them to create new and exciting experiences on Discord. 

Here's to happy development!