Starting today, we’re rolling out the ability to send Voice Messages in DMs, GDMs, and servers that have Voice Messages enabled. At the press (and hold) of a button, you’ll be able to send a quick little quip to a friend without having to hop in Voice to hear it. They’re faster when you just wanna “say the thing you wanna say” quickly, and Voice Messages harness the power of Krisp noise cancellation to block out background noise, making you sound just as good as you do in-person.

They’re also a great way to hear a friend’s Voice and have a more personal conversation without the stress of starting a “formal” Voice call. You never know if someone’s too busy to take an impromptu call or join a server’s Voice channel, but with a quick Voice Message, they’ll still be able to listen to your voice on their own time. 

At launch, Voice Messages can be created and sent from mobile, and all platforms will be able to play them. Currently, they can only be sent and received in DMs,Group DMs, and servers with Voice Messages enabled.

Learn how to create and send a Voice Message to your friends below:

How to Send a Voice Message on Discord

Sending a Voice Message on Discord is as easy as pressing a button (literally)! The next time you’re in a Direct Message, Group DM, or servers with Voice Messages enabled, you’ll see a new microphone icon next to your emoji button. Hold it down, and you’ll quickly start recording your message.

An animated GIF demonstrating how to send a Voice Message. The user is holding down a microphone button, speaking into their mobile device, and letting go of the button to send off their message. 

Once you’re done recording, just let go of the recording button and your message will immediately be sent to your friend! If you end up needing to do another take, slide your finger over to the trash while recording your message and your ongoing recording will be discarded. 

Got a lot to say and don’t wanna hold your finger down the whole time? Slide your finger upwards to the “lock” icon, and you can talk as much as you want without holding down the screen. Once you’re done, tap the Send button and your recording will be sent!  

Server Moderators and Admins may use the new “Send Voice Messages” permission to allow their members to send Voice Messages in particular Text channels or only allow certain Roles to send Voice Messages. 

Give it a try and you’ll be an expert at sending a voice message on Discord in no time! If you need additional details, our ever-helpful Help Center article is here for you to reference. 

Alongside text chat, voice calls and video chats, Voice Messages on Discord are the latest new addition in talking with your friends. They’re a great mix of the convenience of text chat and the personal feeling of talking to your best friend on a voice channel, and they can be listened to at your own pace whenever you’ve got time.

The ability to create Voice Messages is rolling out to mobile starting today, and everyone on mobile, desktop and web will be able to listen to them. Let us know how you plan to use ‘em over at the usuals: Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. (Bonus points if you send us a Voice tweet.)