Here are the Discord updates from April 14th, 2023. You can also find the most recent updates in the Discord app under Settings > What's New.

Desktop and Mobile (iOS & Android) Updates

Two friends using the voice messages feature to communicate on Discord

Big Win for Big Talkers

  • Say more with voice messages in DMs and servers <200. If you have too many thoughts to type out, or your thumbs are busy (and hey, what you do with your thumbs is your business), we get it. Just tap, hold to record, and release to send a voice message via DMs or servers <200 in the mobile app, and listen from anywhere: Learn More

One More Thing

  • Free file uploads up to 25MB. You asked, we delivered. Because, well, files just ain’t as small as they used to be. The limit has been raised from 8MB to 25MB. Let those GIFs fly free.

New Nitro Perks

We think Nitro is pretty cool (not biased), but check out this video about Nitro’s new perks to understand how we really feel about these updates:

  • Super Reactions. When a message is too funny, cringe, relatable to scroll past, or just deserves the entire chat’s attention, add a bit of wonder and chaos with a Super Reaction. Super Reactions renew weekly and are available on desktop (for now) with Nitro and Nitro Basic. 
  • Soundboard. Rolling out in the coming weeks, Soundboard lets you react in voice channels on desktop with sounds curated by your community, whether that be airhorns, airhorns, or more airhorns. Soundboard is free for all, with cross-server sounds for Nitro.
  • Extra themes. New season, new colors for the desktop app. Head to User Settings > Appearance to update your theme. 
  • Avatar decorations. Add a little style to your avatar with decorations. Try them out for a limited time in User Settings > Profiles.