Update: Alongside the original sixteen themes, we’ve recently released an additional five Themes for Nitro subscribers! Learn their names and tons more over on our April Nitro blog. 

Starting today, we’re bringing Discord Nitro subscribers a colorful new perk with Themes, giving them more ways to bring their own vibe to the Discord app on desktop. Alongside the rest of the perks provided by your Discord Nitro subscription, you’ll be able to bring some fresh hues to your Discord views. 

At launch, 16 unique Themes will be available for you to personalize your app. Choose from theme colors such as Chroma Glow, Citrus Sherbert, Midnight Blurple, and Retro Raincloud to name a few. With so many options, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find something that matches your vibe. 

A collage of four theme colors on the Discord desktop app.

Themes will be available for Discord Nitro subscribers on desktop. Check out all the other sweet perks that come with Nitro over here

Read on to learn how to pick your new favorite theme — it’s as easy as changing from Light to Dark theme. If you’ve never left Light or Dark theme in your life, you can also look below for a quick refresher. We won’t judge.

How to Change Your Theme’s Color with Nitro

Changing your theme is really quick. Honestly, by the time you finish reading this paragraph, you could’ve already changed it. 

But if you’re still reading, just go to User Settings > Appearance. From here, right under the existing Light and Dark themes is a new Color section. If you have a Nitro subscription, simply pick a theme, and it will be instantly reflected in the app.

A screenshot of the User Settings > Appearance menu.

If you wanna see what a specific theme will look like, use the Preview Themes button. You can even preview a theme whether or not you’re currently subscribed to Nitro! 

A screenshot of the Theme Preview option, allowing users to see what a particular theme looks like. ‍

I’ve also been told that within the theme-previewing screen, there’s an additional hidden theme color available… but everyone’s keeping it a secret from me, so lemme know when you find it. 

And that’s it! It’s sweet, simple, and great-looking — just like you! We’re stoked to share all these new themes with you, and we’re already working on more ways to personalize Discord on the horizon. If you need some additional guidance, the support article for changing Discord’s theme is always available for you to peruse. 

We'd love to see how our new themes complement your desk setup, whether you vibe with Mint Apple or Crimson Moon. Give us a shout on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram and show off the new look on your Discord desktop app!