You’ve been sitting at your computer for too long so you decide to take a walk. But you don’t wanna stop talking with your friends, so you join voice on mobile. Sounds simple enough.

But your neighbor’s mowing the lawn. And there are 30mph winds blowing into your phone’s mic. And 5 car horns start going off simultaneously. You’re forced to put yourself on mute, and you now regret your outdoor endeavor. You promise to catch up later.

Voice chat is a staple of Discord, and as your place to talk, we want to make it easy for you to bring Discord wherever you go. It’s not always possible to control the noise around you, and we’re doing all we can so you can have great conversions in any environment on any device. Back in April, we introduced noise suppression to all Discord desktop users via our partnership with Krisp.ai.

Today, we’re rolling out Krisp noise suppression on Discord mobile across both iOS and Android!

We’re one of the first mobile voice chat apps to introduce noise suppression. Krisp helps to make sure you feel like you’re right next to your friends, even in a noisy situation. Take that breezy walk, cook that stir-fry you’ve been hungry for all day, and buy the loudest mechanical keyboard you can find — all without having to worry about background noise.

A Krisp refresher

Text chat is great, but there’s nothing quite like hearing the familiar voice of a friend, especially when we feel farther apart than normal. It’s frustrating when unwanted background noises get in the way. Discord is here to support you, your friends, and whatever you want to talk about.

As we continue to improve voice chat, Krisp is an integral part of making Discord your place to talk. No matter how stressful the world around us may be, Krisp is here to help every one of our 100 million monthly active users feel more connected to our far-away friends.

Krisp uses machine-learning magic to filter out anything that isn’t a human voice. You can microwave your favorite popcorn, let your kid enjoy their harmonica, or give your dog that new squeaky toy you know they deserve. No one on the other end will hear a peep (or squeak).

How Krisp noise suppression works

Krisp is already a part of Discord. When connected to a voice channel, just enable the sound wave icon to filter out background noise and voilà. No matter what’s going on around you, your voice will be crisp and clear.

Krisp settings shown on Android (left) and iOS (right).

You can learn more about how this noise suppression works through our Help Center. We’d love to hear your feedback, so let us know your thoughts on Twitter. We hope that it can help you as you use Discord to stay connected to your communities around the world no matter where you are.