We’re always looking for ways to make Discord Nitro an even better package for our subscribers, and that doesn’t stop with new perks and features. You’ve given us such overwhelmingly positive feedback after our Xbox Game Pass and Funimation partnerships that we’ve put together a deal with another amazing streaming service: YouTube Premium.

Here’s the headline: starting August 9, 2021, all Nitro Subscribers* will gain access to 3 months of YouTube Premium.

So what IS YouTube Premium? It’s a way to get all of YouTube, uninterrupted, whether you’re watching on your home WiFi or on a 12-hour road trip with zero bars. (We’re assuming you’re in the backseat.)

Here’s the perks you’re looking at:

  • Download/Offline: Going somewhere with no signal? Set yourself up with whatever unlikely animal friendship compilation or deep dives into the history of beach towels you need.
  • Ad-free: When you’re crunching hard, listening to your favorite endless lo-fi background music, the last thing you need is an interruption. YouTube Premium lets you skip the ads and stay in the groove.
  • Background Play: Want to save a little battery, listen to a vid with the screen off? Or play a puzzle game with a song in the background? Premium’s got you covered.
  • YouTube Music: Just about any song you can think of, any time, no ads. YouTube Music has it all — official singles, albums, playlists, remixes, music videos, live performances, covers, and hard-to-find music you can’t get anywhere else. It’s an entire music streaming service packaged WITH an exclusive video streaming service.

If you’re not signed up for Nitro yet, go to discord.com/nitro and get started. Active subscribers can go to the Settings tab > Gift Inventory and click the YouTube Premium link to get a code for three free months.

*This perk is specifically for newcomers to YouTube Premium. If you’re already subscribed, or if you have at some point in the past, you can still pass your code on to somebody else. Next time your friend needs to soothe an angry manticore with hours of uninterrupted flute music, they’ll thank you.

In Conclusion: YouTube Premium.

Whether you’re subscribed to Nitro or about to take the plunge, we hope you enjoy all the new features YouTube Premium has to offer. You’ve got a lot of music, ad-free content, and background vids to enjoy, online or offline.

Got questions? Check out our Help Center article here!