We’ve got a big one to share with you: Starting today, you’ll be able to join a Discord call directly from your PlayStation 5 console — no mobile app needed! Put your phone aside and let it charge while you game the night away in a Discord call on your PS5, whether you’re hopping into a voice channel in a server or connecting a DM or Group DM call. 

We also have the following updates for this month:

  • New Activities for listening to music and playing games with friends.
  • Tons of quality-of-life improvements & mobile touch-ups. 
  • Nitro and Shop updates for the most stylish of profiles. 

Check out all the updates below —  now with snazzy visuals to help you go “oooh THAT’S what that is!”

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Use Discord Voice Chat Directly on PS5® — No Phone Needed!

Talking with your Discord friends while playing your favorite PlayStation 5® games is about to get WAY easier and WAY faster. Starting today, you’ll be able to join a Discord call directly from your PlayStation 5 console — no mobile app needed! 

Wumpus, in a puffy jacket and wearing a gaming headset, standing in front of two screenshots. These screenshots show examples of the Discord Voice on PS5 experience.

Whether your friends are using the desktop app, are out and about on the mobile app, or are also console gamers, you can chat with ‘em from your PlayStation 5 whenever you want. Peek at our blog post for all the info. 

New Music & Game Activities

We recently added a handful of new Activities to check out: Rythm and TuneIn Radio & Podcasts let you listen to your favorite music directly in chat, while BOPZ.io and Death by AI bring two unique takes on surviving a really really long time. 

Already chilling in voice and don’t know what to play? Hover over to the Rocketship button and you’ll see some recommended Activities to try out. 

A smartphone prominently displays the App Launcher icon, which is four different shapes aligned in a 2x2 grid. Images of headphones, paintbrushes, and swords float around the phone.

Use the App Launcher on mobile or the ‘+’ button on desktop in any text conversation to get goin’! 

Mobile Touch-Ups & More Colorful Uploads

We’ve been working on refining the mobile app based on everyone’s feedback. Some of the changes include merging Servers and DMs into one “Home” tab, improvements to mobile search, and new Contrast and Saturation sliders to make Discord feel a little bit cozier to use. 

Stars and sparkles shooting out of a mobile phone that's currently running Discord.

For artists and photographers who share their artwork on Discord, big news: we improved how we preserve color profile data when images are uploaded to chat, meaning your colors will POP way more and look closer to how they did when you created your masterpiece. 

Our latest Patch Notes has a more technical explanation of what’s preserved, along with a lot more fixes! 

Share the Nitro Love & Style Yourself with New Shop Items

Got Nitro? Have friends without Nitro? Give ‘em Nitro. 

Now, Nitro members can share the love by giving up to three friends who haven’t had Nitro before two-week friend passes. Don’t hesitate to share ‘em with your pals — you’ll get a restock trials to *pass* along in the future! (Three passes. And, three MORE passes.

More deets on how sharing Nitro works can be found on our blog! Eligibility rules apply.  

A preview of four Discord profiles with Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects on them.

Hit the top of your local leaderboards for ✨Style✨ with the newest “Arcade” themed Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects in the Shop. Plus, each Shop collection now offers a bundle containing both a Decoration and an Effect, letting you save a few quarters to use on your favorite arcade cabinet instead. Find ‘em on the Shop tab on desktop and iOS. (Android support coming soon!) 

Peek our profile in your DMs inside Discord, too — you might get a preview of what they look like. 👀