While millions of people around the world use Discord, in reality, it’s just a (really good) product with the tools to help people talk. What makes Discord truly special are the people who use it to foster communities where everyone feels like they have a place to call home. 

For this year’s Black History Month, we’re sharing a handful of exemplary communities on the platform that embody our mantra of trying to create a world where everyone has a place to belong. The following servers were sourced through the Discord Admin Community and recommended by Discord’s Black and African American Movement Employee Resource Group — or the BAAM ERG for short.

Season: A Letter to the Future

You may have heard of Season: A Letter to the Future, a newly-released exploration game with a heavy focus on its story and taking things at your own pace with your trusty bicycle. Developed by Scavengers Studio, who describe themselves as a “small indie company with a diverse and inclusive team.” 

The server icon, name, and banner for the verified “Season” server. ‍

The game’s verified Discord server is home to those looking for people to talk to during their journey through the game’s secluded village. The game stars a Black female protagonist who logs everything she discovers about the world in her trusty journal — the Scavengers Studio team says their game’s official Discord community is full of “so many POC who are thrilled to see themselves represented.” 

Check out the game's official site, where you’ll find everything you need to know about starting your cycling journey — including the game’s official Discord server. And who knows… maybe you’ll discover a part of you, both within the game’s protagonist and in the world of Season. 

Season: A Letter to the Future is out now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Steam, and the Epic Game Store. In addition to the official site, the Season community can be found in Server Discovery.


If you’re looking to start your own Discord server, there’s no better community to model yourself after than Marques Brownlee’s Discord community, or MKBHD as he’s widely known.

The server icon, name and banner for the verified “MKBHD” server. 

Since his start in 2009, he’s become one of the most subscribed creators on YouTube, and his supportive community has followed him to his Discord server, where over 90,000 people come together to talk about the latest tech, share the things they’ve created, and stay in-the-know about every YouTube channel and podcast that Marques and his team runs. 

Marques’ community takes advantage of basically every Discord feature that “Community” servers can use (learn about them all here). From Forum channels to Server Subscriptions and Announcement channels — if you’ve ever wanted to learn how something works in Discord, the MKBHD server has a great example for you to learn from, and his community would be more than happy to talk to you about it. 

If this is your first time hearing about Marques or you wanna catch up on the latest uploads, you’ll find his primary YouTube channel over at youtube.com/mkbhd. His Discord community can be found in Server Discovery.

Empowering Communities Around the World

Nurturing and inspiring can extend outside your familiar digital communities: For Black History Month, the BAAM ERG is coming together to drive impact for their local and national communities, including the East Oakland Collective, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Divas with Disabilities project. 

Within the digital Discord walls is a month-long celebration of highlighting Bay Area artists, thoughtful conversation, watch parties, and a little fun and food along the way — all in the name of supporting, advocating for, and creating a more inclusive and equitable world for Black global citizens.

Sounds like something you want to join in on? We’d love to have you aboard. You’ll find opportunities to join the Discord team over on our Careers page