Update: This promotion has ended. You can still read on to see what it was all about!

If you’re a brave beast-stalker in the market for some new hunting threads, we’ve got nothing but good news for you. As part of Discord’s proud partnership with Capcom, we’re bringing a festive fall-themed layered armor set from Sunbreak, the new Monster Hunter Rise DLC, to players who stream their gameplay on Discord. 

If this is your first time snagging a freebie in Discord, you may need more context. Read on!

Screen Share in Discord to Get the Fall Fashion Set drop

Behold—the Fall Fashion Set. This sweet scarfed-up style comes with variants for Hunter, Palamute, and Palico, ensuring your personal monster-hunting squad will look both cozy and coordinated. 

To get all three layered armor sets, you’ve just got to follow these simple steps starting September 29th, 2022:

  • Hop on Discord. (Naturally.) 
  • Check your User Settings > Privacy & Safety > In-game rewards to make sure you’re sharing what you’re playing.
  • Screen Share in voice chat by pressing the “Go Live” button to share your Monster Hunter Rise or or Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak gameplay window with at least one person. Make sure you’re sharing the application, not your screen. (Also, if you’ve got Nitro, and can therefore stream in HD, you may need to pause while your friends ooh and aah.)
  • After up to 30 minutes, you’ll be eligible to collect your code! It’ll show up in your Gift Inventory on Discord. 
  • Some fine print about getting the code: The Discord Screen Share drops quest will only be possible with the PC SKU of Monster Hunter Rise or Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, but you’ll be able to choose between Switch or PC for your Fall Fashion Set reward code. Must be 18+ (or 13+ with parent or guardian present). Limit one gift per person. Must use a valid Discord account. Code expires one week after finishing the streaming quest. Available in US and CA only. Promo ends on October 23rd, 2022.
  • Update: You can now participate in the Discord / Monster Hunter Drops campaign using the free Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Demo on Steam. Once you open the game, you will receive a notification on Discord that asks you to opt in to the Drops quest. Once you opt in and GoLive for up to 30 minutes, you'll receive the Fall Fashion Set in your gift inventory to redeem on Switch or PC.

Redeeming Your Code

  • Head on over to the Nintendo eShop or Steam to redeem your code on your platform of choice.
  • Speak with the in-game courier, Senri the Mailman, to pick up your new Layered Armor.

That’s it! Now you’re all ready to pick mushrooms. And fight giant monsters. You know, normal autumn activities.

The Hunt Awaits

As fans of monster battles, fashionable fuzzballs, and boosting stats via Bunny Dango mukbang, we’re thrilled to partner with Capcom! If you end up snagging the Fall Fashion Set drop, make sure to show them off on Twitter so your mutuals can ask where you got it. (And so we can compliment how warm you look.)