At Discord, we imagine a world where no one has to feel like an outsider. That’s why we do our part during Pride Month: an annual celebration that brings fellowship, community, and power to millions across the globe.

We are on a never-ending mission to build belonging, both internally and externally. This means creating an organization with a workforce that represents the diversity of our communities and the world as a whole.

A core component of this is our employee resource groups (ERGs) who represent underrepresented voices and champion inclusion at Discord. Our Pride ERG leads workshops on allyship in the workplace, helps LGBTQIA+ partners team up with Discord, and has even made our benefits more inclusive. Sound interesting? Come build belonging with us.

We’re marching throughout June under a statement of purpose: Stronger Together. Here’s one thing we’re doing to live up to it.

GLSEN Together with Pride Pins & Stickers

This year, we’re partnering with GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”): an organization that ensures LGBTQIA+ students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying or harassment. In addition to fostering acceptance in educational spaces, GLSEN works to uplift existing student-led movements, empowering events such as the Day of Silence and Ally Week.

Students who identify as LGBTQIA+ can visit glsen.org/survey to provide insights that will help GLSEN inform education policymakers and the public about the right of all students to be treated with respect in their schools.

Discord’s fundraising goal for Pride 2021 is to raise over $100,000 for GLSEN through our Tiltify campaign. You can check out our Tiltify page to donate below:

Donate to Discord’s Pride 2021 Fundraiser for GLSEN here

For those donating at least $25, we have created not just one, but FOUR Pride-themed pins, each with their own unique set of stickers. These bundles will be blind-box style, with an equal chance to receive one of each of the 4 styles. Will you get Nelly and her Pride flag? Or Wumpus wearing a rainbow wig? Or maybe even Clyde or Phibi?

Due to how Tiltify handles donation rewards, if you’d like to order multiple pin blind boxes, you’ll need to make multiple $25 donations and redeem the reward each time. For example, if you’d like 2 blind boxes, instead of donating $50, you would need to donate $25 twice. There’s no limit to how many blind boxes you can order — order one for someone special, or order some for your friends!

But… what if you wanted… all the pins? And what if they were made of… gooooooold?

For the true collectors, we’ll also be offering a special Golden Glitter variant of the pin set. This extra-shiny set includes all four pins (and the accompanying stickers) with a unique gold enamel finish only available when you buy ’em all at once.

The special Golden Glitter Pin Set will be available for any donations of at least $100.

This year, we’re looking to get pins and stickers in the hands of donors faster than ever before. We’ll be fulfilling orders on a weekly basis, so the sooner you get your order in, the sooner you’ll have pins to wear or share in celebration of Pride month.

Our Pride 2021 Fundraiser for GLSEN starts now and will last throughout the month. Hop on over to the Tiltify page and grab a pin or two… or a full set!

We don’t think Pride Month starts and ends in June, and partnerships like this shouldn’t either. This fundraiser kicks off a lasting partnership with GLSEN, who we will continue to collaborate with because of their focus on education and creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community.

And we aren’t done here — stay tuned as we launch an official Discord pronoun bot, reveal a gorgeous Pride-themed mural in downtown San Francisco, and share some amazing events focused on the LGBTQIA+ community from throughout the month. Keep an eye on our blog and see you super soon!