Discord is in the city! Kind of — we’ll be in a city. It’s a big city, and maybe you’re near it? 

Next week, Discord will be in attendance at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) near our neck of the woods in San Francisco, California. If you’re planning to attend GDC 2023 in person, we’d love to have you swing by the booth and say hi! 

Buuuut if you’re enjoying GDC digitally or didn’t have plans to begin with, we’ve got plenty of ways you can still get involved, whether it’s at the show or on Discord itself. Alongside our on-site shenanigans, we’ll be doing cool stuff like showing off the latest Activities, releasing a new line of developer-themed Discord merch, and providing a space for current and aspiring devs around the world together. 

Join us and experience Discord at GDC, no matter where you are!

/points at screen — Are you at GDC by chance? Head over to our special GDC mini-site to add our events to your calendar and get reminded when they’re happening in person, such as panels for GDC attendees, a Discord-run App Building Workshop in the GDC server, and giveaways at our booth!

Peruse New Developer-Themed Discord Merch

It wouldn’t be a proper Discord convention without some new MERCH! And you don’t even have to be there to get it!

The new Discord Developer merch line will be available starting Friday, March 24 on the Discord Merch Shop, and will include App Developer-themed items such as a zip hoodie, a new shirt and drink mug, scrunchies, lanyards, and the most vital piece of clothing for the job: developer socks

While you’re waiting for the Developer Merch to drop, take a look at the rest of the Discord Merch line here:

Order some dope new Developer merch while you’re at GDC and it’ll be at your doorstep when you get back home!

**Our Legal Team requires me to say we can’t actually promise incredibly-fast delivery by the time you return from GDC, but it’ll definitely get to your house *at some point*. 

Try Out New Activities, Both at GDC and On The Go

This week, there were some big updates to Activities. If you haven’t tried ‘em out yet, Activities are casual games and shared experiences you can enjoy in any Voice channel at the press of a button. Hop into a Voice channel, hit the green Rocket button and you and your friends can quickly start an Activity together! 

Alongside the game “Gartic Phone” joining the Activities lineup, we also announced mobile support for Activities, letting you enjoy all your favorite Discord Activities with your friends, whether you’re at your desk or at a desk but the desk is actually grass and you’re at the park. 

A screenshot of a Discord user playing the drawing game “Sketch Heads” on their mobile phone.
Be as happy as this Discord employee drawing someone being happy with a happy balloon and a happy shirt, writing the word “Happy.” 

Before you venture out to the great outdoors to play some Chess in the Park on your mobile device, come swing by our GDC booth and try out any of our available Activities! 

If you end up being a bonafide Bobble League expert on all things, we’ll be running Activity Tournaments during GDC. Sign up in the GDC server and compete in a variety of different Activities throughout the week! 

Just like the in-app experience, we’re providing a space for anyone to drop in and out as they please, letting you explore the selection of Activities at your own pace. They also provide a great method of stress relief if your GDC schedule is completely booked up and you need a minute to unwind. 

If you like ‘em a whole lot, consider grabbing yourself some Discord Nitro, which gets you access to every Activity on both desktop and mobile, plus plenty more perks — learn more about everything Nitro has to offer here.

Build Apps, then Build Friendships

Supporting our incredible developer community is a never-ending endeavor. While we have a TON of stuff planned for the Game Developers Conference this year, we’d love to stay connected with you throughout the year.

Join an ever-growing community of fellow Discord developers looking to build their next creation in the Discord Developers server. Use the Big Blurple Button below to join:

Of course, you don’t need to join a server to get involved — explore ways to Build on Discord, keep your eyes tuned to the Engineering & Development section of the blog, and if you really really wanna build Discord, take a peek at our Careers board! After building an app, build friendships in the Discord Town Hall server. 

Whether it’s in person at GDC 2023 or on Discord, we hope to see you soon! 🛠️