Get in the hoodie, Wumpus. 

Cybernetic vibes, futuristic feels, and mecha moods encapsulate our latest merch line: the DISXCORE Collection. Alongside the usual shirts, hoodies, pins, and water bottles are a new DISXCORE sling bag, a snazzy button-down shirt, and a Bumper Sticker.

Three friends wearing DISXCORE-themed merchandise.

Plus, a special release made just for your desk: Wumpus-themed Elgato Stream Decks and Wave:3 Microphones are available for preorder starting today.

Take a peek at all the newly-released Discord apparel over at our merch store using the big blurple button below, or read on for a deeper dive into the DISXCORE Collection.

The Core Essentials: New Discord Hoodies, Shirts & Socks

Keep your own core warm with DISXCORE-themed shirts, hoodies, and even SOCKS! This time around, we’ve even got a snazzy Discord button-up shirt to go along with it all. 

Stick to what’s comfortable with three styles of DISXCORE shirts, including the grey faded short-sleeve tee, the long-sleeve light tee, and the women’s cut tee that’s dark grey with purple sleeves. 

Three friends wearing the DISXCORE long-sleeve tee, DISXCORE short-sleeve tee, and the DISXCORE women’s cut tee.

No matter which one you go for, you’ll be able to wear your stylish new DISXCORE button-down shirt over it. You can even wear the DISXCORE button-down over any other shirt, just in case your closet isn’t completely filled with solely Discord shirts. Or is that just me?

We can’t forget to include a hoodie… that’s why the DISXCORE pullover hoodie is here to keep you core-mfortable during even the coldest of weather. Just look at how cozy this person below is in their Discord hoodie… this could be YOU: 

A person wearing the DISXCORE pullover hoodie. There are two angles shown, one from the side and one from the back.

Carry Things Near Your (Disx)Core

Your keys, your wallet, your framed photo of Nelly you keep with you at all times… you’re gonna need to carry that stuff with you, and your pockets are already full from the giant phone you use Discord on. 

Someone using the DISXCORE Sling Bag. They have DISXCORE pins on the bag’s strap.

Pack your things and swing ‘em around your torso (I didn’t say “core” again!) with the DISXCORE Sling Bag: the perfect home for anything you can’t quite fit in your pockets, or a place for everything normally goes in your pockets when you’re expecting to jump straight into the nearest body of water and you don’t wanna risk getting your wallet wet. 

For any bag, shirt, or hoodie that you’ve already got and want to accessorize with DISXCORE vibes, get your hands on the Clyde pin and the Running Wumpus pin.

Put a Lid on It. And By “It,” We Mean Your Head (or Your Water)

With the summertime heating up in certain areas of the glove, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. To help, the DISXCORE collection includes the new DISXCORE water bottle and the Wumpus Headgear dad hat

Two images side by side. One is a person putting stickers on the DISXCORE water bottle, while the other is someone modeling the DISXCORE dad hat. 

The DISXCORE water bottle comes with its own sticker sheet, letting them mold together [COPYRIGHTED-MERGING-ROBOT]-style come together in the Hydro Flair Kit and help you bring the DISXCORE aesthetic to other items and trinkets you’ve got lying around. Your computer? A game console? The back of your phone case? It’s totally up to you, as long as the thing you’re slapping a sticker on belongs to you of course. 

Discord-Themed Elgato Streaming Accessories

Complete your desk setup with a set of Wumpus-themed streaming accessories from our friends at Elgato: The Wave:3 Microphone brings your crisp, clear voice to your friends as if you were in the same room as them.

A photo of the Wumpus-themed Elgato Wave:3 Microphone and Stream Deck. 

While you’re talking with your friends, use your Stream Deck to activate things inside Discord such as toggling your microphone, bring up the GIF picker, and screenshare in a snap. 

We also have a limited number of Discord-themed Wave:3 Microphone and Stream Decks left, previously exclusive to PAX East and GDC. The Wumpus-themed accessories are available individually, while the last of the Discord-themed accessories are available as a bundle.

Already have your own Elgato Stream Deck or just really like those icons seen above? Follow this link to download our set of custom Stream Deck icons for free and bring a bit of that Discord vibe to your own desk setup.

DISXCORE-ver the World in Your Discord Wares

Like what ya see? There’s a whole world of great-looking Discord merch (though we might be biased…) over at discordmerch.com. You can also get a more detailed look at a handful of our previous merch drops by looking through blog posts tagged “Discord Merch.” 

We’ve released a whole plethora of items since we first launched the merch store in late 2021. From the basics like Discord hoodies, shirts, and water bottles, to crazier stuff like mechanical keyboards, tabletop dice, and this incredibly important egg suit. Please look at the egg suit — it’s no yolk. 

Is there a certain style of Discord merch, a hoodie of your dreams, or an accessory or trinket that we haven’t made yet? Tell us what you want over by poking us on the usual spaces: Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.