Update: This promotion has ended. You can still read on to see what it was all about!

Say this out loud: “I’ve got Nitro.” Sounds good, right? But we can do better…

Now say this: “Nitro for EVERYONE (who is a new subscriber or hasn’t had Nitro in the last 30 days), for two whole weeks (terms and conditions apply).” Now that, aside from the extra words our Legal team put in, sounds even better

You heard us right — between now and November 13th, 2023, anyone who is not currently a Nitro member can try it for 2 weeks, on us! You’re about to see a whoooole lot more animated icons, decked-out profiles, and Super Reactions in your DMs and chats over the coming weeks. 

If you qualify for a two-week trial for Discord Nitro, you’ll see a message in User Settings > Nitro letting you know! 

How Can I Get a Two-Week Trial of Nitro?

If you don’t have Nitro currently or it’s been a moment since you’ve last had Nitro, it’s very likely that YES, you can grab a two-week trial of Nitro and try out everything it’s got to offer. 

As long as you meet the following requirements, there’s a good chance you qualify for a two-week trial:

  • You haven’t subscribed to Nitro in the last 30 days. 
  • You aren’t currently using a Nitro membership that was gifted to you.
  • You haven’t already been offered a Nitro trial within the last 45 days. 
  • You’re not already a Discord Nitro or Nitro Basic member (in which case, you should share this blog with a friend!). 
  • You live in one of the many corners of the world where Nitro is available for purchase. 
  • Your Discord account is at least 30 days old. 

If this sounds like YOU, head into User Settings > Nitro in-app and you should see a banner that looks like this:

If you’re still itching for more info about this particular Nitro promo, scoot over to our Help Center article to learn more.

So What’s New With Nitro?

Nitro is always growing — this year alone, we’ve added new perks such as Super Reactions, super Soundboard powers for picking an auto-playing entrance sound, color Themes to switch up Discord’s look, and early access to new features.

Let’s break ‘em all down real quick-like: 

  • Use unlimited Super Reactions to bring more POP to your reactions. Nitro members can turn any reaction into an explosive expression of emotion! And now, Nitro members can use them as many times as they want with unlimited Super Reactions.  
  • Special Nitro-only discount for the Shop. Collect and wear that stylish Avatar Decoration or Profile Effect you’ve been eyeing for ages, and get it at a member-only discount! Nitro members also get a set of three free DISXCORE-themed decorations to use while they’re members. 
  • Customize your client with Themes and App Icons. Bring a splash of color to your space with 21 color Themes and 19 App Icons to tie it all together. Mix and match ‘em at any time, and even have different setups on both your phone and your computer! 
  • Nitro members get early access to some of the latest features, including Remix, Clips, and the Shop. Be the person your friends always ask when they see a new Discord feature for the first time — you’re already a wizard at it. 
  • Bring Your Enhanced Streaming Powers to Xbox: Nitro users can stream their games to Discord in higher resolutions and higher framerates, including when they’re streaming a game from an Xbox Series X|S. Let your friends watch you whenever, in the sharpest quality possible.
  • Soundboard has a handful of Nitro-exclusive powers. Use any sound from any server, anywhere, just like custom emojis. Plus, Nitro members can pick their favorite sound to automatically play when they enter a Voice channel.  

Now @Everyone Can Try Being a Nitro Member

Soon, everyone will be able to try out what it’s like to be a Nitro member. Members get over a dozen perks that help customize their Discord experience to enhance their profile and tailor their in-app experience to how they want it. 

If you’ve never tried Nitro before or it’s been a while since you last subscribed, you can try two weeks between now and November 13th, 2023.