Editor's Note: That’s a wrap! This promo has ended, but you’re welcome to read on and see what was available previously.

For May the 4th, we’re doing something special with our friends at Epic Games and Lucasfilm Games: dropping in the Coruscant's Pride Wrap!

From now until May 22nd, 11:59 PM EDT, you can get your hands on this in-game Fortnite Wrap by either screen sharing Fortnite on PC to a friend in a server you’re in or by using an app within an official Fortnite Discord server. 

A preview image of the Coruscant's Pride Wrap from Fortnite.

Equip your new Wrap on your favorite weapons and Wrappable Outfits by completing the Find the Force Quest, and make the Coruscant's Pride Wrap yours today!

However you choose to unlock your Wrap, we’ll tell ya how it’s done:

Get The Coruscant's Pride Wrap With Help From a Friend

To unlock the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap by screen sharing, you’ll first need to make sure you’re eligible to do so! Double-check your User Settings > Privacy & Safety > In-game rewards on the desktop app to make sure you’re sharing the details of what game you’re playing. 

Once you’ve checked your Privacy settings allow you to obtain in-game rewards, head on over to any server where you can screen share using the desktop app and hop into a Voice channel. Don’t forget to launch Fortnite on your PC! 

With Fortnite running in the background, Go Live and share your application’s screen and have at least one friend watching you do your thing. Get some Battle Royale matches in, or explore some creator-made islands. As long as you’re screen sharing Fortnite to at least one viewer in Voice, it’ll count. 

A screensharing session in a Discord server. Someone is streaming Fortnite!

Once you have at least one friend watching you play Fortnite on PC for at least 15 minutes, you’ll receive a notification in Discord saying you have a Gift waiting in User Settings > Gift Inventory. Follow the link and log in with your Epic Games account, and your new Wrap will appear for you! You may need to relaunch the game to see it in your Locker.  

Never screen shared on Discord before and need a bit of extra guidance? Take a peek at this section of the screen share support article that’s specifically about streaming your games in Voice. 

This is not the only way you can get your hands on the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap. If you’re not one for streaming to your friends and still want your hands on your next favorite Wrap, there’s another for you to get it: 

Get The Coruscant's Pride Wrap From the Fortnite Server

Not in the mood to screen share? You can also get your hands on the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap by completing Quests directly within an official Fortnite server and in Fortnite itself!

To get started, join one of the official Fortnite servers below. Any of them work! 

Once you’ve joined one of the servers above, head into the “#find-the-force” channel. Depending on which server you joined, the channel name may be localized to a different language. 

Once you are interacting with the app, you’ll be taken to a webpage where you can link your Epic and Discord accounts together. Connect ‘em, then you’ll receive two additional tasks to complete: one inside the Fortnite Discord server you joined and one in Fortnite itself!

The “Gift Inventory” screen in User Settings on desktop. A Fortnite promotion is able to be redeemed. 

After both your Discord and Fortnite tasks are complete, the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap will be redeemed and added to your Fortnite Locker! 

Don’t see it or having trouble with either of these methods? Check out our Help Center article.

Whether you decide to spend some time with a friend or join one of the active and welcoming Fortnite communities on Discord, we hope your new Coruscant’s Pride Wrap helps make your May the 4th celebrations just a bit more special.  

Don’t delay: the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap is available in Discord until May 22nd, 11:59 PM EDT. 

If you’ve never done a Discord Quest before and need some more detailed guidance on getting set up, take a peek at the Discord Quests support article. Once you’ve unlocked your Wrap, show us what you’re using it on by taking a screenshot or clip of it and mentioning us on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram! We’d love to see it.