Update: This promotion has ended. You can still read on to see what it was all about!

Dear reader, it’s time to upload that profile banner, color, and animated avatar you’ve been eyeing to add for ages. Starting on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022, when you start a new subscription to Discord Nitro, you’ll receive an additional month of Nitro for free.

Want to try out Discord Nitro for one month, or go all-in with a year upfront? Whether you go with a monthly or yearly sub, you’ll be given an additional month.

"Discord Nitro Buy One Get One Month Free, Offer Ends Nov 28"

This particular deal is only available for those who subscribe using the desktop or web apps and runs through Monday, November 28th. Head to the Discord Nitro tab in User Settings on your desktop app.

This snazzy Discord Nitro Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) deal is available for both new or returning users — as long as you haven't had an active Discord Nitro in the last 7 days and you’re not on a free trial or Nitro gift, you should be able to get in on our Black Friday deal (or Cyber Monday deal, depending on when you read this). This promo is not valid for Nitro Basic.

If you qualify for the BOGO sale, you’ll see it in your User Settings on the desktop app as shown below! For more details about how this deal works and double-check the qualifications, head on over to the dedicated Help Center article for this deal.

What IS Discord Nitro?

First off, impressive work getting this far into the post without asking what Nitro is — you’re a great listener.

Discord Nitro page with benefits and plans listed from discord.com/nitro

Discord Nitro is a subscription offering that enhances your Discord experience. From better expressing who you truly are with profile customizations, to an expanded toolset to hang with your friends like HD streaming, Activities, and server boosts, Nitro unlocks a whole wealth of perks. It can even be sent as a gift — think of the holiday possibilities!

No matter if you’re starting your first Nitro subscription ever, are a returning Nitro member, or sharing this blog with a friend who’s never had Nitro before, we hope Nitro helps you make the most out of your Discord experience. <3