Looming in the darkness, the creatures of the night rise into the moonlit night. Their discordant droll of calamity spreads across the spaces that you, my humble reader, claim as your so-called “digital homes.”

What can you expect when the ghosts gather on your chat platform of choice? You might already notice some… changes. A grim infection has spread across the app, with zombie-themed designs all over Discord. Plus, what’s that noise from the fog? Why, it’s the new Halloween ringtone, crafted by the monstrous musician “bo-en!”

There’s so much more in store… grab your silver stakes and garlic — we’re about to head fist-first into what’s waiting for us all during this haunted celebration.

Apparition-Infected Activities and Discord Apps

Who’s up for some ghostly games? 

A few activities have received a monstrous makeover: Color Together gets new Halloween-themed drawing for you to fill in with your friends, and Sketch Heads will have a special Halloween-themed category for your friends to draw fiendish creatures… or at least, innocent things that your not-so-artistic friends draw that end up looking like fiendish creatures.

Not sure which you’ll play first? Try out some SpellCast instead first, our original witchy word game, or any of the available Activities listed on our blog

The Halloween hauntings have the ability to sneak into chat this year… point your lantern towards the App Directory and you’ll find a curated collection of third-party Halloween-themed Apps to add to your server, including: 

  • Hallowstreat: Trick-or-treat with everyone in your Discord server! Collect and gift over 600 varieties of candy, and even steal candy (in a friendly manner) between you and your friends. Plus… bosses?? And powerups?? And SCARECROWS?? 
  • Chucky: Play a wide assortment of Halloween-themed minigames, including “Find the Ghost,” “Potion Brewer,” and “Zombie Says.” Spoiler: The zombie says “brrrnggn braaains.” 
  • Cabot: Enter the world of divination when Cabot brings Tarot cards, Runes, Crystals, and Coins to your server. Or, start your research using Cabot’s extensive resources for botanicals and use the app’s… Moon Calculator? As if real math wasn’t hard enough.

These apps and many more are available in the App Directory. Explore ‘em all… if you dare. 

Woeful Zombie Wumpus Plushie

An infectious plushie invades your real world when our new Zombie Wumpus plushie makes its way to your doorstep! This special edition Wumpus plushie has glow-in-the-dark detailing that’s sure to haunt your room in the dead of night. Check the lil’ guy out at the Discord Merch Shop and grab them before they vanish like a ghost. 

A photo of the Zombie Wumpus plushie. It’s holding a brain, has zombie-like stitches all over, and has a spider crawling from its ear.

Even though it’s a gloomy, glowing plush, you could turn this into an opportunity of celebration by maybe… winning one for yourself? We’ll be doing multiple giveaways on both social media and the Discord Town Hall community — follow Discord on X, Instagram and Tiktok and keep an eye out for opportunities to adopt Zombie Wumpus for the low cost of zero bucks, or join the Discord Town Hall server and look for the post with more details on how to enter and win, and meet new friends to talk with!

Nightmarish Nitro Perks for Halloween

As the ghost and monsters rise from the grave and haunt Discord, a few of those creatures have a particular appetite for Nitro members — and they’re bringing all they’ve got to those with Nitro!

The Shop will be stocked up with four limited-time Halloween avatar decorations and three unique profile effects for Nitro members to purchase until November 1, 2023. Remember: anything you purchase from the Shop is yours to keep for good, even if your Nitro membership happens to end later on. 

A preview of the Halloween-specific Shop section.
These and many more are stocked in the Shop — purchase a decoration to join in the haunted celebration! 

Find the Shop by heading into “User Settings > Profiles,” then selecting the “Go to Shop” button. 

For Nitro members on mobile, the hauntings will make their way to your homescreen. Four limited-time custom app icons will be available for Nitro members to use while the Halloween celebrations are happening. Use the perfect one to match your phone’s ghostly homescreen wallpaper! 

Are You Prepared For What’s Looming?

This Halloween party ends on November 3, so go ahead: call your friends to hear that scary ringtone and start an impromptu Activity session with them! Add that App to your server and bring the frighteningly festive vibe to your community. The only thing scarier than all these celebrations is missing out on them completely!

Did’ya give your friend a jumpscare with the new Halloween ringtone? Or, did you outsmart your friend in one of the Halloween-themed Activities? Give us a hollar from the graveyard by mentioning us on X, TikTok, and Instagram