Now In Nitro: Three Features for Members to Try

Hey, @everyone! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve given an update on the latest and greatest that Nitro has to offer. 

Today, we’re giving the lowdown on three of the newest Nitro benefits: the ability to share Nitro with friends, adding four new App Icons and a new color Theme, and the power to assign Shop items to a particular Server Profile

Wondering what Nitro even IS? Discord Nitro unlocks a TON of premium perks and powers to your Discord experience. Express yourself better, share better, show what you’re up to better… if you’ve tried something on Discord, there’s a good chance Nitro enhances it in some way. 

All caught up on Nitro? Let’s get started!

Invite Your Friends: Give ‘Em  2-Week Nitro Passes 

Picture this: You’re streaming some crystal-clear Jackbox on your server thanks to your Nitro perks. During the stream, one of your friends wants to show off a different game they’re into! When they go to screen share, you bestow upon them streaming superpowers by giving some Nitro on the spot — now they’re streaming clearer than ever thanks to you!

Crazy, right? So crazy in fact, we made it real. Now, Nitro members receive three friend passes they can share with a Nitroless friend, so you can share your snazzy Nitro perks and powers with your friends!

The “Share Nitro with Friends” menu within the Nitro tab.

Each friend pass is a 2-week trial of Nitro. Members can share a pass by going into DMs > Nitro > Share Nitro or User Settings > Nitro on either the desktop or web apps. Once you’re there, press “Select Friends” and you’ll see exactly who on your friends list qualifies for one of your friend passes. 

For two whole weeks, your buddy can try everything Nitro has to offer. Show ‘em how to use those custom emojis, sounds, and stickers you saved on your server. Or, pair your colorful profiles together like wine and questionably edible cheese! 

After you’ve given out those friend passes, don’t fret: watch for future refills of Nitro friend passes to dish out to more buddies. For the lowdown on how sharing Nitro with your friends works, including details on who qualifies to send and receive Nitro passes, *pass* by our Help Center here.

Try Four New App Icons and a New Color Theme

Your metaphorical face isn’t the only thing that can sport a new style when you’re a Nitro member! Custom app icons and color app themes make Discord look the way you feel, both while you use Discord AND when you receive a notification on your phone. 

A preview of the four new App Icons.

Now, we’ve got four new app icons and a new color theme! “Color Wave,” “Midnight Prism,” and “In Rainbows” join the list of available app icons, while “Blurple Twilight” gets to be both an app icon AND a new color theme, inspired by the new looks we’re sporting on our website. (Did you see it yet!?

A preview of the new “Blurple Twilight” color Theme on the desktop Discord client.

This *technically* means that we added a theme called “Twilight” after adding a theme called “Midnight,” which is the wrong order in the real world — apologies to the savvy astronomers out there.

Nitro members (and their friends currently using a friend pass) can use these new customization options in User Settings > Appearance on both desktop and mobile.

Rep Yourself Perfectly with Per-Server Avatar Decos & Profile Effects

Since the Shop opened its doors last year, we’ve released tons of new ways to add some flourish to your Discord profile. Collections such as Galaxy let the stars shine on you, while the Lofi Vibes set helps you recreate what feels like to be me: the blog writer.

A demonstration of a user with three unique Server Profiles, each with different Shop items equipped.

If you’ve grown a collection of Shop items and are worried about repping the perfect profile for each community you’re a part of, good news: Nitro members can now assign Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects to a specific Server Profile, just like they can with their avatars, bios and profile banners! 

Finally, you can wear a full Pirate-themed profile during your serious book club server meetup…. just don’t get servARRR-muted if you play the part a bit too well.

Oooh! Shiny New Features, For You and To Share!

/adjusts glasses. “There has never been a better time to become a Nitro member. Join today and enjoy everything that high-quality, Industrial-Grade Discord Nitro has to of-” wait, wrong script. 

But the meaning still stands! With these new additions, Discord Nitro now has over a dozen unique features to check out, unlocking a world of perks to customize, socialize, and be your true self… ize. 

Wanna know everything Nitro has to offer? We have a big ol’ chart that shows off all the features on our website. And if you’ve got a slick profile set up, show us by mentioning @discord on Twitter. (Yes, Twitter.)