Get ready for your next journey! Join Wumpus, Locke, Graggle, Mallow, and plenty more as they explore the world together, make new friends, and discover alternate universes in Wumpus Wonderventures: our new comic to experience over at WEBTOON. 

Key artwork for the Wumpus Wonderventure comic series. 

Can the fate of the world be saved through time travel? Does Wumpus have a friend who is all-knowing? Who are the mysterious space monks? What do these questions even mean? You’ll have to keep reading over at WEBTOON to find out: 

The first four panels of Wumpus Wonderventures. Panel 1 - Wumpus is in their high-rise apartment thinking to themselves: “I’m hungry. I think I’ll order a pizza.” Panel 2 - Wumpus uses their phone to look up delivery times for a pizza, seeing that it’s a 60-minute wait. Wumpus looks sad and thinks “A whole hour?! But I’m hungry now!” Panel 3 - Wumpus remembers Locke, an elder wizard, saying to them, “Wumpus! I need a place to store my time machine for a few days! Don’t use it except in emergencies, okay, buddy?” After recollecting this, Wumpus says “I got it! I’ll borrow Locke’s Time Machine!” Panel 4 - Wumpus is getting into the time machine, thinking to themselves: “If being hungry isn’t an emergency, then I don’t know what.” Under these four panels is a box that says “Continue reading on WEBTOON.”  

Wumpus & WEBTOON: A Match Made in Paradise

Wumpus Wonderventures is free for all to enjoy on the world’s largest digital comic platform, WEBTOON, the home to epic fables, so much manga, and thousands of fascinating stories made by amazing creators. But wait! There’s more.

Between May 10th and June 8, 2023, readers who finish Wumpus Wonderventures in the WEBTOON app will be able to claim a 1-month free trial of Discord Nitro, usable for eligible* new and returning subscribers

As an added bonus, from May 10th to June 10th, Nitro subscribers can head to their Gift Inventory to claim 10 free WEBTOON Coins while supplies last. Use coins to unlock early access to the newest and most popular stories, or show your favorite WEBTOON creators some love.

*For info about promo eligibility, availability, and the finer details for all things Discord x WEBTOON, check out our support article.

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Wumpus Wonderventures wouldn’t be possible without the support of our amazing partners at WEBTOON and Merryweather Media. Now, start exploring and set sail for grand adventures in your soon-to-be-favorite webtoons!