Grab your Palicos and your human pals! The winter season is nearing its end, meaning it’s time to go… gaspOUTSIDE!! What better way to do that than to explore what’s around you, fighting huge monsters as you go in Monster Hunter Now, Niantic’s newest game that lets you and up to three nearby friends fight monsters by finding them in the real world. 

Our friends at Niantic want to bring you and your Discord friends together for an outdoor adventure this spring — starting on March 19th, Niantic is giving out one month of Discord Nitro to their players for Monster Hunter Now’s sixth-month anniversary, usable for anyone who hasn’t had Nitro within the last year. Download the game on the App Store or Google Play and take a peek at their in-game news for all the details. 

Already a cool cat with Discord Nitro? Nitro members can claim a bundle of rewards to use on their adventures in Monster Hunter Now! The bundle includes a material from the elusive DevilJho, one of the newest monsters you’ll encounter on your adventures. 

A preview of the Monster Hunter Now reward bundle contents.

The reward bundle includes: 

  • One (1) Paintball - Paintballs help “mark” any monster you may pass by in the wild. Marking a monster lets you hunt it later on if you’re a bit busy when you first encounter it. 
  • One (1) Wander Orb - A sphere housing a mysterious power, using a Wander Orb increases the range that you can hunt monsters around you by 50% for 30 minutes.
  • One (1) Deviljho Scale -  A monster material from the rare DevilJho, a new monster who only spawns in Volatile territories. Get a head start on crafting your DevilJho weapon and gear set! 

This anniversary reward bundle is available until April 18, 2024. If you’re an existing Nitro member ready to hit the streets with your friends, read on to see how it all works! 

Nitro Members, Collect Your Hunting Supplies

Monster Hunter Now players who also happen to be Discord Nitro members will find their bundle of hunting supplies waiting for them in their Gift Inventory, which you can redeem on the Monster Hunter Now website! 

(Didn’t make a Monster Hunter Now account yet? Download the game and sign up!) 

  • On Discord, head into User Settings > Gift Inventory. If you’re a Nitro member, you’ll see a new gift for Monster Hunter Now in your inventory!  
  • Click “Claim,” and you’ll be presented with a redemption code. Save that! 
  • After you claim your code, head over to the redemption page by clicking here
  • On that page, sign in with your Monster Hunter Now account. You’ll then be presented with the page displayed below: 
A screenshot of Niantic’s Offer Redemption page.
  • Enter your code in the aptly named “Enter Offer Code” field and hit “Apply.” 

And that’s it! The next time you launch Monster Hunter Now, your hunting supplies will be waiting for you in your Item Box. If you were already playing, you may need to restart the game to see your stuff. 

With your stash chock-full of supplies and a new monster-filled perspective of your local area, get out there and hunt some Pukei-Pukei with your friends! You can redeem your items until April 18, 2024, so Nitro members should head into User Settings > Gift Inventory before then to claim their supplies. 

If you need some extra hunting help, we’ve got two resources for you to use. (Educational resources, not crafting resources.) Check out our support article about this promo or Niantic’s article about redeeming codes for Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now Players, Traverse the World with a Month of Discord Nitro 

Never had Nitro before but love playing Monster Hunter Now? Existing Monster Hunter Now players will be receiving an email to redeem a month of Discord Nitro to anyone subscribed to their mailing list, letting you try out all its snazzy benefits like using your custom emojis and stickers in any chat, a larger file upload limit, and higher-quality streaming to share your adventures with your friends. 

If you’re not subscribed to Niantic’s mailing list, go to the in-game Hunter Menu in Monster Hunter Now, tap “Settings,” then check the box for "Email Me Events, Offers, and Updates". Once you do that, your redemption code will be sent to your email within 48 hours of signing up. You have until April 17th at 4:59 PM PST to opt-in for emails from Niantic to receive your Nitro offer code.