If you’ve ever been lucky enough to walk past someone who’s been to a convention that Discord also attended, there’s a decent chance they may also have been sporting a dope Discord-branded hoodie or shirt that was sold at the show. Heck, you may have even wanted to snag one yourself! However, not everyone can travel the world just to grab some dope-looking merch, or have the funds ready at a moment’s notice during one of our regular charity donation drives.

That’s why today, we’re stoked to unveil the new Discord Merch Shop on its own website, DiscordMerch.com, run by our friends at Meta Threads! Unlike our convention or online pop-up shops, DiscordMerch.com will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. If you aren’t ready to buy some merch yet, no worries — come back later and see what’s currently available in the merch shop. 

We’re launching this new merch store with what we’re calling the “@everyone" and "@here" Collections: a series of hoodies, shirts, windbreakers, and more (Wumpus blanket, anyone?) that encompass what makes Discord, well… Discord! Lots of Clyde (our logo!), server icons, talking to your friends, and a good ol’ “@everyone” ping.

All hoodies, shirts, and sweatpants (yes, sweatpants!!) are unisex, have their own sizing options, and make great gifts for the holidays. If you’re unsure what size will fit you best, be sure to take a look at the sizing chart available on each product page! 

Now, let’s take a look at what’s available as of today in the merch shop:

We’ve Got Discord HOODIES & SWEATERS

When we launched our new logo in the announcement blog, we showed a particular art piece that showed Clyde’s new look and all his expressive new appearances. People loved his newfound facial features so much that we made a hoodie out of them!

The new All the Feels Hoodie features 25 Clydes with different moods. Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, annoyed, sleepy, or even angry, there’s a Clyde that fits your mood on this pullover. It’s kind of like a giant mood ring but covers your entire torso and you have to manually point at the mood you’re feeling. 

It comes in both a Black option and a Yellow option (yes, Yellow!).

Next in line is something that both keeps you warm and can protect you from the breezy weather. The FTWindbreaker will guard you from gusts from any direction, with blurple detailing both along the torso and on the interior of the hood. Tighten up that hood string and start your trek through the treacherous gale in this stealthy Discord mix of function and style. 

No matter if you’re wearing it for its intended use of staying warm, or just think it looks cool, the FTWindbreaker is your next cozy companion while pondering important questions like: “is it even possible for wind to be broken? Like, do you punch it?”

Big. Bright. Blindingly Neon. You can be all three of these things when you don the Crew Crew, a solid-colored crewneck sweater that sports unique arm detailing from your neck to your wrists, and a Discord tag on the bottom-right. (That’s on you, the reader’s, right side. Otherwise, if you’re wearing it yourself, your left side.)

Is an eye-piercing Fuschia not to your liking? It’s also available in Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black, making it the item with the most variety in this drop. Whether you decide to catch the world’s attention in one of our more colorful options or stick with the more reserved black option, it’s sure to keep you warm in any situation. 

As the last item in order from “most to least-covering outer wear,” the Cropped Crew Top is a half-crop style with a quarter-zipper that can help keep things cool while still offering the comfort of a crew sweater. It’s available in both White and Black versions, with the White styling offering Black arm trim while the Black version blends in that same trim rather than having it stand out. 

Since it’s a half-cropped style, you can mix and match the Cropped Crew Top with a Crew Crew for layers upon layers of comfy community-focused coverings. Black Cropped Crew paired with a Blue Crew Crew? A White Cropped Crew over the Green Crew Crew? The possibilities are basically endless.

Crew Crew, Crew Crew, crewcrewcrew. Gift one to a friend and you can call them Crewmate.

We’ve Got Discord SHIRTS

One of the best experiences you can have on Discord is simply talkin’ with your closest friends. The Just Chillin Tee is the embodiment of just that: chillin’ and spending the day with those most important to you. 

It comes in both a Black version and a White version — one for spending the day with your server members, and one for talking the night away in a Voice channel. 

Walk your dog while walking the dog with our Best Friend Fitted Tee. It’s a similar design to the Just Chillin’ tee, but swaps out the person texting their friends with a pink Balloon Animal dog jumping out of the server icons. 

Both a Black option and a White option ensure your shirt looks great in any situation, just in case it’s covered in dog fur after you and your fluffy friend go off on adventures together. (Do you still call a balloon animal a fuzzy friend? Or is it more...squeaky?) 

We’ve Got Discord HATS and BEANIES 

Go invisible with the Incognito Snapback: A black hat that shows off an even deeper black-embroidered Discord logo, with blurple trim both on the underside of the brim and inside the hat. 

Looking for something a bit more distinctive rather than secretive? The Blurple Snapback replaces the black logo with a blurple logo, with all the other characteristics intact. 

For a softer head-covering that also keeps your ears warm, we have the All The Feels Beanie, featuring four of the expressions from the All The Feels Hoodie placed right over your dome. 

Which emotion do you feel? Just point at it! You’ll look incredibly smart when you make a pointing gesture on your forehead as you show which of the four emotions you relate to most (my manager does gesture this a lot). 

The Incognito Snapback, Blurple Snapback, and All The Feels Beanie are one-size-fits-all! 

We’ve Got Things to HOLD Your Other Things! 

Now that you’ve got a sick Discord beanie and shirt, how do you plan on carrying your spare Discord beanie and shirt? Why, in this sweet Sidekick Pouch, of course! 

Coming in Fusha, Black and White, the Sidekick Pouch matches perfectly with the rest of the times in the @everyone collection, with a Clydes across the strap, a blurple @everyone tag and a look that fits your fit… and whatever else you can fit in the pouch. 

We’ve Got Discord SWEATPANTS 

Perfect for the upcoming Holiday weather, the Walking Joggers feature an outline of those three server icons from our shirt designs, a few dark Clydes along the left knee, and a blurple tag with the phrase “@everyone” on the left ankle.

Contrary to the name, you can wear these whenever you like, not just when you’re walking. You can stand in them, run in them, or lay down in them! But maybe don’t swim in them… 

Now that I think about it, has anyone ever actually jogged in joggers? 

And Cozy Discord Coverings of All Sizes! 

At just $10, this Discord banana, aptly named the Band + ana, is the perfect stocking stuffer. Bandanas can be used for all sorts of things: Tie it around your backpack’s strap to easily spot in a crowd, use it to cover your head during a hot summer day, or wear it like a scarf! 

Even something as simple as waving it like a flag can help in the most unexpected ways. Perhaps you’ll even meet some new friends when they see your snazzy new bandana!

Looking for something a bit bigger to keep yourself cozy? The Super Comfy Throw is a warm, Wumpus-filled throw blanket that can help keep your wumpeets covered during late nights while in Voice. 

It’s perfect for those days where you’re just a little bit chilly, or just need something to keep close while talking for hours on end. I wonder what Wumpus thinks about when they’re sleeping…  

While Supplies Last: Wumpus Plushies are BACK! 

It’s Wumpus. Do we *really* need to explain further? The long-sought-after Wumpus Plushie makes a return, with some updated tags and Discord patch to match our new logo. 

Coming in at just under eight inches tall, this lil’ Wump will make your desk, couch, or shelves that much cozier. If you want a Wumpus, grab them quick! Once it’s gone, it may be a while before Wumpus makes their return.

There’s Even More Merch Planned 

As we mentioned in the beginning, this merch store isn’t planned to go away any time soon. We’ll be supporting various charities in the future through our new merch store, providing an even easier way to order seasonal items while supporting some great missions. 

Keep an eye out for how the Discord merch store will help support our future Diversity & Inclusion initiatives starting in the new year. 

You can shop now at the new-and-improved DiscordMerch.com. Not ready to shop quite yet? Feel free to bookmark it for the future — it’s not going away anytime soon. 

For a full FAQ on all things Merch, check out our Help Center article on how it all works. If you pick up something from the merch shop, we’d love to see it on ya. Post a photo or video to share with us on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, and be sure to mention us so we can see it!