Today, we’re announcing the ability for eligible US, EU, and UK-based app developers to monetize their Discord Apps natively on the platform with Premium App Subscriptions: no more having to manage your subscriptions with an external payment processor on a different website. 

Premium App Subscriptions can offer additional features for a monthly subscription fee. What you offer to your users is up to you and your team — whether it’s enhanced moderation abilities, increased usage for generative AI features, or just the power to post more cats more often, you’ll be able to offer whatever makes sense for your app, at your own price. 

You can even offer subscriptions that are either per-server that your entire community can use or per-user to let your app’s most dedicated users enjoy their sub benefits across any Discord servers it’s in. 

An in-app screen for a user in the profess of purchasing an App Subscription.

Worried about handling the customer service side of payments, such as refunds and chargebacks? Worry no more: if there are any issues regarding the handling of payments, our Customer Experience team will be the ones to handle the occasional payment problem! Don’t stress about troubleshooting transactions.

Your prospective subscribers won’t need to manage their subscriptions on an external website, and instead can manage it all in Discord! For developers such as yourself, you’ll be able to utilize Discord’s built-in transaction system rather than needing to direct your paying users off-platform. It’s a win-win for both users and developers! 

Utilizing Premium App Subscriptions is your gateway to… /shuffles notes… “seamless end-to-end transactions between your subscribers, smart SKU management, insightful analytics, support for multiple payment options, and a frictionless user experience, all on the platform you already call home.”

See What Your Fellow Devs Are Creating

Last month, we called upon the wide Discord Developer community to pitch us their greatest app ideas. Spoiler: y’all delivered big time. We’re deep in reviewing some of the coolest ideas that will receive direct funding to help make their dreams a reality, so keep an eye out over at our App Pitches page in early November when our judges share what they picked:

Should you and your development team want to be in the know about any future events like App Pitches, we encourage you to join your fellow members of the community over at the Discord Developers server, which recently hit 250k users! Whether you’ve never written a line of code in your life or you’re an experienced app dev who’s open to helping out the next generation of developers, we’d love to have ya. 

Further Reading on Implementing Subscriptions

There’s a whooole lot more to read regarding how Premium Apps work. If you’re the type who prefers to grab a nice cup of tea and sit down and read up on how to do things, take a peek at the following support articles to get the lowdown on how to offer subscriptions and experiences to your users:

The Basic Stuff

The Big Stuff 

Now get delving into development on Discord!