Monday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, with March itself being Women’s History Month. In celebration, Discord is partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), whose goal is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research.

Multiple Partnered Discord communities and creators, along with Ubisoft and the Assassins Creed Sisterhood, are coming together to help accelerate breast cancer research by running events with their servers to raise funds for the BCRF.

Starting today, you’ll be able to celebrate International Women’s Day and help raise funds for breast cancer research within over a dozen Discord communities and streaming channels. Community leaders will be doing everything from giveaways, to art streams, and eating spicy squid flakes to help work towards a collective goal of $50,000 towards BCRF.

Head on over to our Tiltify donation page to help contribute to advancing promising research and support the many communities and streamers coming together for International Women’s Day.

Donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation on Tiltify

Participating Communities

Sharese, twitch.tv/sharese, discord.gg/sharese
Jambo, twitch.tv/jambo, discord.gg/thepizzaparty
TheHotdish, twitch.tv/thehotdish, discord.gg/8bc
Rammy, twitch.tv/rammy, discord.gg/rammy
SimplyAllegra, twitch.tv/simplyallegra
Woofy, twitch.tv/woofy, discord.gg/woofy
Amazoniancos, twitch.tv/amazoniancos
Lokuzt_SW, twitch.tv/lokuzt_sw
missesmae, fb.gg/missesmae, discord.gg/missesmae
Adriennczene, twitch.tv/adriennczene
Ubisoft, twitch.tv/ubisoft, discord.gg/ac
Narya92, twitch.tv/narya92
xBlutkatze, twitch.tv/xblutkatze
“Sisterhood Speaks” Team, twitch.tv/xblutkatze
Biocord, discord.gg/biology

In addition to donations from the community, Discord will be matching donations with a minimum of $10,000, all the way up to $60,000 in total donation matching.

So, what does the Breast Cancer Research Foundation do?

Since 1993, BCRF-funded investigators have been deeply involved in every major breakthrough in relation to breast cancer research. Since BCRF was formed, total breast cancer deaths have decreased by 40%.

This year, BCRF is investing in 275 of the best minds in science around the world via annual grants to pursue the most innovative research across the globe. These grants give researchers the opportunity to explore new possibilities, pivot research based on the most recent findings, and collaborate with other BCRF grantees.

BCRF’s approach towards breast cancer research accelerates the entire field, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and metastasis, and moves the world closer to ending breast cancer for all.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation also shared with us details of the impact that donations can make in advancing breast cancer research.

  • $25 can fund basic supplies for a BCRF researcher’s lab
  • $50 funds one hour of BCRF research
  • $100 can fund 5 liquid biopsy collections for a BCRF-supported clinical trial
  • $250 in total donations can fund specialty tools to grow cells in a BCRF researcher’s lab
  • $500 can fund one patient’s DNA sequencing in a BCRF-supported lab
  • $2,500 reached can fund one patient’s enrollment in a BCRF-supported clinical trial

Each year, the maximum amount of dollars possible goes straight to research. By donating to BCRF, you’ll know for certain that your support will go directly to breast cancer research and research alone.

No matter the size, your donation will help make a substantial impact on research, treatments, and clinical trials that all work towards a world without breast cancer.

How You Can Get Involved

We encourage you to stop by any of the participating communities, make a donation to their own Tilitfy pages during their streams and events, and support their efforts towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Community events will be running throughout the next few weeks, so be sure to pay them a visit and cheer them on!

If you’d just like to make a donation towards BCRF to celebrate International Women’s Day, you can head on over to our own Tiltify page to help us reach our goal. Every little bit helps. ❤

Interested in learning more about BCRF? To explore ways to make a difference outside of International Women’s Day, visit their website at bcrf.org and discover other ways to get involved. For streamers of all sorts, check out How to Game for BCRF to learn how to ready to broadcast in honor of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, any time of the year.