You may think that a type of community that would not be naturally inclined to stage channel usage is one that caters to artists. Artists rely on visuals to share their work, how they have grown, and to bring in potential commissions. Stage channels currently don’t support screen-sharing so you can’t directly share visuals like you would be able to with standard voice channel screenshare.

However, we’ve seen that Stage channels have certain features that artists can take advantage of in some unexpected ways:

Constructive Feedback Sessions

Stage channels make a great platform for hosting constructive feedback sessions. Feedback is integral to an artist’s growth and is oftentimes actively sought when you’re refining a piece. Stage channels are a great way to provide organized and curated constructive feedback sessions between artists and their peers.

We’d recommend setting up your “Constructive Feedback” stage channel event by directing your server members to post their pieces in a text channel where you can set permissions to limit it to images only. You can go through the submitted art in order and have your moderation team bring up the artists on stage so they can introduce their piece and respond to feedback.

Fellow server members can view the piece in question without additional distraction of conversation and then be invited up to the stage by raising their hand to discuss with the artist and provide feedback. Audience members can listen in on the feedback session to build onto it in their own way or to apply parts of the advice given to others to their own works.

One thing to keep in mind about this kind of art-focused event is the line between constructive criticism and destructive commentary. Establish a positive and welcoming atmosphere and outline the kind of feedback that is allowed in this type of session so that no lines are crossed and everyone remains respectful. Moderators should be on hand to monitor any feedback given and remove users from the stage channel and the event who give feedback in bad faith.

Open Mic Nights/Music Jams

Who says you’re limited to just visual art? Open mic-nights are a perfect way to host an event that can bring your community together and learn more about each other and admire the various talents everyone in your community has to offer. Stage channels are great for this- just have audience members request to speak when it’s their turn to show off their best slam poetry or play their freshest new tracks.

Depending on how active and inclined your server is, there’s a few different ways you could go about organizing an open mic. Consider a signup sheet if you’re anticipating high participation or maybe allow members to organically come up to the stage throughout the course of the event.

Art Demos

The nature of stage channels makes them ideal for a lecture style event on artistic theories and practices for newer artists seeking to learn from more experienced ones. Follow-along art tutorials where audience members can ask questions along the way is a great way for your community to come together and learn from each other and have fun doing it!

Stage channels provide a focused area for audio based events that can be uniquely adapted to artistic communities! Perfect for feedback, delving into deeper discussion around a work of art or artistic techniques, open-mic talent showcases, and select classroom environments, stages channels allow artists to engage with their peers and fans in new, exciting ways. Maintaining an environment that acts as a positive and open space for artists to communicate and learn from each other will make many creators eager to take the stage!

Special thanks to Lili#4321 for their help in writing this article.