Sourcing can mean something different at every company you talk to. Here at Discord, we do sourcing a little differently. The Sourcing team at Discord are strategic partners with hiring teams to influence the top of the hiring funnel by identifying and activating strong passive talent on niche or hard-to-fill roles.

We’re experts of the market and are thoughtful partners in contributing to efforts Inclusion, Diversity, and Purpose (IDP). In essence, we are ambassadors and the first point of contact for anyone interested in Discord now or in the future. 

What it means to be a Sourcer at Discord:

  1. We’re empowered to speak our mind, share our ideas, and partner strategically with hiring managers and recruiters.
  2. We have the flexibility to choose what roles we want to work on. You want to switch from working on an Engineering Manager role to a Staff role? No problem, as long as it aligns with headcount goals.
  3. We have some great tools already in place (Seekout, TalentWall, Gem, LinkedIn Recruiter) to help streamline our job, and we’re always open to adding more. 
  4. We believe in quality over quantity and achieving our goals as a team. We are not harshly evaluated by metrics and we collaborate together on shared goals. We also work together as a team to set our goals, so that we all agree. 
  5. There’s plenty of growth opportunities, whether you want to continue to grow your sourcing specialities or maybe even move into a full-cycle recruiting role at some point. 
  6. Lastly, we have a ton of fun together! 

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then don’t worry, I have plenty more. Our whole Talent Acquisition team is an amazing group to be a part of, and I’ll tell you why. 

  1. It’s a very collaborative environment. We hold knowledge-sharing sessions, have a “shadowing” calendar, and many more cool things.
  2. We have super cool team bonding activities like trivia and games, pizza parties, wine and painting sessions, and many more to come! (Don’t worry, they’re optional if they’re not your thing).
  3. We’re big on transparency at Discord as a whole but especially within the Talent Acquisition org. You’ll never have to question what is going on or why.
  4. We are growing a TON, which means there’s a lot of opportunities to hire teams from scratch and work with new hiring managers.
  5. We have a great culture within the team, sharing jokes and memes and bonding over ghost shows, Lost, and Schitt’s Creek gifs. 

Last but not least, we couldn’t talk about our incredible team without letting them get their own word in! Below are a few comments from current Discord Sourcers:

“As a huge Discord fan, I love representing Discord and talking about all the cool things we are building! We are growing very quickly and the opportunity to help build brand new teams from scratch is exactly what I was looking for when I joined our talent team. We have a ton of autonomy and trust to do our jobs effectively, and Sourcers are treated as true partners in helping to bring great talent to Discord every day.”

“I didn’t know much about Discord before I joined but as I did my research and went through the interviewing process I felt like it was a job that was too good to be true. Once I started, I realized that it’s not, it truly is an amazing company to be a part of and you get to work with some pretty awesome people. I get to be a part of an actual sourcing team for the first time in my career and have had tremendous learning opportunities. I can’t wait to see how I continue to learn and grow at Discord. “

“I love the autonomy and the fact that we hold sourcing jams together as a team and can have fun while doing it through our youtube watch together feature within Discord.”

In 2021, the Sourcing team grew from one to four. To keep up with the ever-growing hiring demands, the Sourcing team is looking to double in size in 2022. 

If this strikes a chord and inspires you to pursue a career at Discord, you can learn more by visiting our Careers page below: