Update: This promotion has ended. You can still read on to see what it was all about!

It’s time to enjoy the summer heat with a Nitro BOGO treat!  

From July 25th, 2023 to August 1st, 2023, new and returning users who buy either a monthly or yearly Discord Nitro membership will receive an additional month of Nitro for free. 

Purchase a month of Nitro and you’ll get a month extra; start a yearly membership and you’ll be stacked with a whopping thirteen months total. Currently a Nitro Basic or Classic member? We got you covered, too: upgrade to Nitro and you’ll also qualify for an extra month on us!

That’s the jist of BOGO: Buy One (Nitro), Get One (Month On Us). It’s technically “B.O.N.G.O.M.O.U.,” but we’re not smacking any bongos around here… yet.. 

Ready to join Nitro? If you qualify for the summer BOGO deal, you’ll see the offer in your User Settings on the desktop app, as shown below: 

An in-app preview of the Nitro BOGO Promo. On the Nitro tab in User Settings is a message that reads: "Buy Nitro & Get 1 Month Free!"

This snazzy Discord Nitro Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) deal is available for both new or returning users who have not had an active Discord Nitro in the last 10 days and are not currently using either a free trial or Nitro gift. Read our Help Center for more details.

From using your favorite server emojis and stickers anywhere to customizing your Discord profile further with animated avatars and banners, there are more ways than ever to make Discord yours

So many features that we even have: ✨ A CHART ✨! Check out Nitro’s full feature set below: 

Don’t know where to possibly begin? Understandable, Nitro just keeps getting better and better! Consider starting off with some of the latest and greatest releases:

New with Nitro: Remix Beta

Remix is a new way to create and contribute your own flair to images uploaded to Discord. With Nitro, you can get early access to the Remix Beta and start sharing your freshest memes with your favorite folks.

Two screenshots side-by-side. One shows the “Remix” prompt, while the other shows an image that’s had emojis, stickers, text and drawings bestowed upon it.

You can crop an image, write over it with a paintbrush, add text, and even add ANY custom emoji and stickers from your servers to your Remix. 

When your beautiful artwork is ready to share, select “Send” and the image is instantly posted as a reply to the original message — and it’s all done directly within Discord.

Learn more about Remix over at its announcement blog

Color Themes Help Bring Your Vibe to Discord

Bring fresh hues to your Discord views this summer with full access to 21 unique color Themes! Or was it 22…?

Since launching this past April, the most popular themes among Nitro members have been Chroma Glow, Crimson Moon, Cotton Candy, and Midnight Blurple. 

A collage of four theme colors on the Discord desktop app.

What we’re seeing here is y’all love Dark Mode (very obvious statement) but mix things up a bit with Light Mode when you need a lil’ something sweet — sounds like a delectable deal to us. 

So with your new Nitro BOGO deal, start trying every theme yourself, find your favorite, and viiiibe. Read our help article to learn how to change your Discord Theme.

Hype Up the Voice Call with Soundboard 

We asked you to get your ducks in a row and airhorns ready to blow since Soundboard’s release two months ago, and wouldn’t you bill-ieve it: quacks 🦆 and airhorn BRRBRBRBRBRRRs 🎺 have each been used over a billion times in Soundboards y’all truly delivered, and Airhorn Bot has finally earned some much-needed rest after all these years.

A screenshot of Discord’s desktop app. The user is in a Voice call, and the Soundboard panel is opened up.

Using a perfectly-timed sound with Soundboard has quickly become a staple for creating hype, chaos, and fowl fun in Voice. 

Everyone can use sounds that are saved in the server they’re participating in, while Nitro members can use any of your server’s sounds across any communities you’re a part of, just like emojis and stickers.

Enjoy Summer BOGO Before It Sunsets on August 1st, 2023

Remix Beta, over 20 beautiful color themes for your Discord app to choose from, two free Server Boosts, and being able to use custom sounds from your Soundboard anywhere… that’s a whole lotta fun with Nitro.

With our Summer Nitro BOGO deal, you’ll be able to experience all the fun of Nitro for an extra month! For the nitty-gritty details and to see if you’re eligible, visit our support article over here

What’re ya waitin’ for? It’s time to BOGO with Nitro and be the star of the show(GO)!