Welcome, prospective or experienced Discord App Developer! With the launch of our new App Directory, community-created apps are discoverable directly within Discord for the first time

For app developers, the App Directory makes it *way* easier for Discord communities around the world to discover your creation and grow the amount of servers your app is a part of. Rather than having to rely on outside sources to share your app, just use Discord share your creation.

Got an app you want to add to the App Directory right now? Getting really excited for the future of your app and want to learn how to add your app ahead of time? Let’s go through the process of getting your app listed on the App Directory. 

How to Prepare for and Join the App Directory

Every app in the App Directory has its own unique Product Page that explains what the app in question can do and how to use it. Once your app has been verified, you’ll find a new page for creating your app’s Product Page in the Developer Portal

An animated demonstration of how to find an app's product page inside the Developer Portal.

You’ll be able to give an explanation of what your new app is all about, what languages it supports, and list a few of the Slash Commands that show off what your app does. 

The following fields are available for every app in App Directory (which you can learn more about here):

  • Support Server: Share the Community server for your App where people can go for help. Keep in mind that anyone will be able to join it from your App Directory page. 
  • Media Carousel: Screenshots and videos that show off what your app does. You can even include YouTube videos to go alongside your screenshots.
  • External Links: Important resources for your app, such as your app’s social presence, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Ya’know, the serious stuff. 
  • Languages: What languages does your app support? List ‘em all here.
  • Description: A short, sweet summary of your app. When someone sees your app in App Discovery, this is the first thing they’ll read about it.

In addition to sprucing up your app’s product page, you’ll also need to fulfill separate requirements relating to how your app functions and your personal Discord account, such as implementing Slash Commands and enabling 2-Factor Authentication on your Discord account (which you really should do anyway).

You will also need to make sure that you and your app are complying with our App Directory content requirements policy, Developer Terms of Service, and Developer Policy

An animation of how to find the “Discovery Status” page for an app in the Developer Portal. A list of what’s required and what’s already fulfilled is displayed. 

Once you’ve done all this and are ready to go, hit “Enable Discovery” and BOOM: Your app in all its beauty is opted in for inclusion in the App Directory. After all that hard work you and your team have put in to make your application a reality, bask in its majesty as Moderators and Admins across the globe discover your creation.

This could be you. Well, more specifically, your app. 

Moderators and Admins will be able to head into Server Settings > App Directory and use the search feature to find your app based on what your App Directory page says, such as the description, tags, and so on. Put your best foot forward and show ‘em what you’re all about!  

Once they find your app, watch your server count grow as more users add your app, and gain valuable feedback from them as they join your app’s official server community. 

Remember: Be sure to keep your page concise but helpful! The best descriptions for the App Directory are short and sweet, but deliver important selling points of your app and what makes it unique in a friendly, easy-to-understand way — sorta like this blog (I hope)!

More into consulting formal checklists to get things done? Consider taking a look at our App Directory: App Profile Pages support article and keep it on-hand while you’re gettin’ things ready for their big Directory premiere.  

Make Your App Feel at Home in the App Directory

Apps and Discord go together like ham and mandarin oranges on pizza: they’re basically meant to be. And with the App Directory, you’ll be able to make your app feel like it’s at home on the platform, whether you’ve made a new way to enjoy your favorite games, a specialized moderation tool, or just a simple utility that @mentions people when the Mets win (yeah Let’s go Mets baby love da Mets).

We also announced last week that we’re accepting applications to show your interest in our new Premium App Subscriptions feature: a new way to earn money from providing enhanced or customized app functionality – so why not make some well-earned dosh from the pun-slinging program you wrote. Head on over to our Developer Ecosystem page to apply!

If you need any support or guidance, the official Discord Developers server is here to help you out. Hop on over and join your fellow app devs and support your fellow app creators, and join in on live events where you’ll see roadmap updates and QnAs with the Discord team. 

This is the part where we’d usually say something like “we’re so excited to see what you make!” But you’ve already created something invaluable to many Discord communities — now it’s time to get it listed in the App Directory and share it with the world.