“Discord is a place where you’ll always feel like you belong.” It’s a lofty goal for both the community leaders who create communities around the world and by our teams creating accessibility features that make Discord itself usable with a variety of devices.

The following servers from the Discord Admin Community are exemplary examples of community spaces on Discord that take into consideration everyone on the platform. No matter your participation level, how you navigate Discord, or what device you use to talk with your friends, there’s a place for you here. 

The Kuni Corner

Discord started out as a place where people can come together around gaming. It shouldn’t matter if you’re able-bodied or adapt your game to fit your needs, as long as you’re having fun playing. 

The Kuni Corner community is a prime example of not letting any sort of obstacles get in the way of what you enjoy. Led by Vinesauce team member Imakuni, it’s grown from a simple sub-only server into a space that Imakuni says is “extremely friendly & open to newcomers.”

Server invite artwork for the featured server "The Kuni Corner."

“I frequently have [members] of the community that are disabled — some with my same ailment of Fibromyalgia — check up on each other's physical and mental state,” Imakuni says. “Sometimes it's extremely rough, but banding together to talk about our disabilities helps us get through things easier because we know we're not alone.”

And of course, what’s a good streamer community without some games? Imakuni usually streams Nintendo and SEGA games with a particular focus on platformers, RPGs, and lesser-known titles that deserve to be shared with the world. There’s even a dedicated #sonic-zone in The Kuni Corner, where you’ll likely find friends to play the upcoming Sonic Superstars with. (Invite me too, yeah?) 

If you decide to hop on over to the Kuni Corner, consider enjoying some time in the Voice channels! They’ve almost always got activity going on, and Imakuni’s likely to join ya! “I usually spend my own personal time talking to people in the server that want me in their life. My community aims to be an uplifting place that anyone can visit to take their mind off of things.”

Make the Kuni Corner your favorite corner of the internet by finding them in Server Discovery.

ADHD Dopamine

When you find a community on Discord that makes you feel like you truly belong, it feels like the perfect dopamine release. And when everyone on the server is there to help you along your personal journey, it’s almost as if it were meant to be.

ADHD Dopamine is a space for anyone diagnosed with, discovering, or wanting to learn how to support a friend or loved one with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to connect with each other. Here, they can talk about their experiences and share the methods that work best for them as they navigate life with ADHD. It’s a single space where the community can come together and have easy access to peer support, knowledge, and educational resources.

Server invite artwork for the featured server "ADHD Dopamine."

Community leader RaiderGoldenPup explains: “People come into our server all the time where they think they have ADHD but aren't sure. We help them understand why they are thinking the way they are and help them find medical professionals and help [them] figure out what topics need to be brought up to their doctor.”

ADHD Dopamine offers all types of support from dozens of channels with information to plenty of spaces to chat and make new friends. There are App commands that help explain important terminology and a variety of channels to body double, share hyperfixations or just connect with each other. If there are any questions you may have for your peers, if you need to speak with someone who gets it, or to just have fun with similar people, ADHD Dopamine will be there for you.

You can find the ADHD Dopamine community in-app on Server Discovery, or at discord.com/servers.

Where Community Includes Everyone, Including You

Whether you use non-traditional input methods, navigate with a screen reader, or change your app’s sizing and color saturation to make things comfy—what matters most is that you’re here with us. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! <3

Discord’s DisAbilities Employee Resource Group has a ton of plans this month, including workshops, movie nights, allyship roundtables, and even coworking spaces for body doubling. Want to help make Discord better for everyone? We’re always hiring. Come join us on our journey to make Discord a place where no one feels like an outsider, or learn of the many accessibility options available at our Accessibility Settings support article.