Game, Set, MATCH! Your Discord App Pitches category winners for 2024 are here!

For this year’s Discord App Pitches, we asked the developer community to pitch their Activity prototypes. You know, those games and apps that can be enjoyed anywhere you talk on Discord, whether in the middle of the late-night call or a server’s text channel.

We received thousands of entries for potential Activities on Discord this year, which is incredibly impressive with this year's competition requiring entrants to submit a playable prototype. Out of all the entries, five made it to the top.

The following five Category Winners are eligible to receive up to $15,000 USD, as described in the terms and conditions. 

  • “Compete” winner: Exoracer
  • “Adventure Together” winner: Soulbound
  • “Collect & Create” winner: Papery Match
  • “Chill” winner: Magic Circle
  • “Wildcard” winner: Clash Gem Card Party

Next up: YOU get to try ‘em all out and cast your vote to help decide who becomes the overall Grand Prize winner of up to $30,000! 

The voting window is from June 27 to July 11, taking place in the Discord Town Hall server. Bring your friends, hop into a voice channel, and try out these five games! Once you’ve played all five, go vote for your favorite in the #discord-app-pitches-voting channel. 

If you want to show your friends what’s available to play in the Discord Town Hall server, check out the category winners below! With games fitting all types of genre players, you’ll be sure to find an Activity to enjoy from the list below.


Our winner of the “Compete” category is Exoracer, a “skill-based, multiplayer platformer/racing game hybrid” where you and your Discord friends can compete to see who can get the fastest time on a level within two minutes. 

Think of it as “Geometry Dash meets Trackmania,” says Nyan Studio Games, the game’s dev team. "It comes with a super powerful level editor so you can make and share your own levels. It also has a visual scripting language to add custom logic to your levels.” 

Key artwork for Exoracer.

It’s got simple one-button controls and its levels can be run through pretty quickly, letting you spend the rest of two minutes replaying the level while you wait and fine-tuning your path. Whoever in your lobby gets the best track time within two minutes wins! 

If time trials or speedrunning is your jam, you’ll wanna check this one out during the voting period in the Discord Town Hall server


An MMO adventure within a Discord Activity where your progress is saved, letting you launch the game in any voice channel in the Discord Town Hall server? Sign us up!

Soulbound is this year’s “Adventure Together” winner. Developed by Webb Technology LTD, they call it “an entire MMO running in Discord Activities. Players starting the Activity will automatically log in using Discord and will be able to see other players in the same activity session in their social menu, similar to how parties work [in other online multiplayer games]. This allows players to easily identify those who are in the Activity together, and party up to co-op in our roguelike dungeons, or travel the large and persistent world together to complete quests and build up their skills and experience.” 

Key artwork for Soulbound.

Sometimes, MMOs can be daunting to get into — it’s much easier to check things out and see if you’ll like it when you can launch the game in just one click in Discord! Pop into the Town Hall server and give it a shot yourself during the voting period. 

Papery Match

Rock, paper… paper! Wait, hang on… paper… paper, paper! Papery Match!

Papery Match is a deck-building battler from a team named “We Cannot Speak English (WCSE).” With a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors-like core at its combat, players bring five cards of their choice into battle and pick just three of them to fight. Your opponent can see what you bring, but not what you actually play until it’s time to fight.

Key artwork for Papery Match.

It’s got some adorable artwork that’s sure to bring a bit of cheer into the competition. Play a few matches with a friend, or watch your friends duel each other — you’ll be rewarded whether you play or watch! 

Deck-building and collecting cards go hand-in-hand, which is why it’s the winner of the Collect & Create category. Down the road, you’ll be able to use rewards gained from both playing or predicting as a spectator to obtain new cards and ways to customize your in-game avatar. Both are cosmetic, so no worrying about long-time players having more powerful cards. 

Play a few rounds or spectate some others in the Discord Town Hall server during the voting period! 

Magic Circle

How well do you know your friends? Or, do you want to get to know your newest friends even better? Gather around in voice chat and form a Magic Circle! 

Magic Circle, from the self-named Magic Circle Studio, lets you get to know the people in your friend group better by asking questions about your particular friends… or outwit them with game modes that try and let you outsmart your friends. Its cozy aesthetic and friendly vibes helped it win the Chill category. 

A screenshot of Magic Circle.

Knowing your friends well has its benefits in Magic Circle, too! The studio explains, “Daily challenges and leaderboards keep players coming back for more — and as you play, you’ll unlock cosmetics for your character and decorations for your server’s treehouse! Customize everything you play with custom content packs, created by and for your community!”

Hop into the Discord Town Hall server with your friends and see who knows each other the most! Maybe you’ll even meet some new friends along the way.

Clash Gem Card Party

There are a lot of Match 3 games out there, but none of them have the unique blend of Match 3, Multiplayer, and Card Games that Clash Gem Card Party by Amateru brings to the table. Or… to the deck? Either way, its mix of puzzlers and deckbuilding helped it win the Wildcard category for App Pitches 2024. 

A screenshot of Clash Gem Card Party.

The goal is, of course, to match the colored gems! But don’t go straight in the gem field — you’ll instead rely on a hand of cards from a deck you bring into the game, letting you do things like explode specific gems or focus on a certain color rather than just clicking like crazy. 

It’s an easily understood concept with a strategic card-based twist that’ll make you stop and think about your next play. Try it out in a solo game, or see who can get the highest score in multiplayer in the Discord Town Hall server

Help Vote on the Grand Prize Winner!

If you haven’t caught it yet, you can try out all of the Activity prototypes listed above in the Discord Town Hall server for a limited time only, between June 27, 2024, and July 11, 2024! We’ll update this blog post on July 15th, 2024 with the Grand Prize winner and recipient of up to $30,000. 

Bring some friends hop into an active VC in the Discord Town Hall server and try ‘em all out! And consider sticking around in the Town Hall community afterward, we’d love to have ya. 

‍Read more about the final judging process in the Discord App Pitches 2024 Terms and Conditions page.