When you smash “create” on your first Discord server, you get a blank canvas. Within those simple unmarked channels and unmodified roles are infinite, life-changing possibilities. 

Which can be a little daunting. You know the world needs your community for backpack collectors / Ferris wheel designers / ancient Sumerian comic book scanslators, but you’re not sure how to get it out there. Sure, you’ll have help in the form of Admins and Mods, but there’s just so much creating and managing and exploring ahead of you.

So where do you start?

At Discord, we’re committed to supporting communities with actions, not words. That’s why we’re announcing two great resources to help Admins and Mods build awesome communities—and go on to foster even more. 

Become a Leader with Discord Community Resources 

The Community Resources page is an ever-growing educational site penned by community leaders who want to share their knowledge with the world. It’s an invaluable site for those just getting started, but even established communities can benefit from reviewing its lessons.

A website screenshot of our new Discord Community Resources. Within the image, you can see some of the articles that will be mentioned later in the blog like "Growing Your Server Through Community Events", "Keeping Your Community Safe", along with community-themed Discord character art.
Find our new Community Resources at discord.com/community

These resources break up running a community into four categories, each containing plenty of articles written by qualified Discord Partners and community leaders. They’ll help you…

*Editor’s note: heist movie reference altered to appease our lawyers

Alongside educational articles, you’ll be able to read real stories from Discord communities who made it big. Learn how a server based around studying for the MCATs blossomed into an active community of almost 24,000 passionate members, or how the fan-run 100 Gecs community celebrate music (plus their shared passion for large amounts of gecs).

The library of community content is open for business using the button below. It’ll be expanded upon over time, so give it a good ol’ bookmarking for good measure.

Join Your Fellow Mods in the Discord Admin Community

It’s important to read up on thorough educational material for running communities, but there’s also no substitute for firsthand knowledge and advice. So we’re providing both! 

Enter the Discord Admin Community: a brand new, Discord Staff-run community of fellow admins, moderators, creators, and community managers designed to give leaders like you a place to connect.

An art piece of Mallow, a soft cartoon bunny with a squishy head, watering plants with a watering can in their garden. Mallow appears to be sweating a little bit from all the hard work.
Building a community can be tough work, but soon the fruits of your labor will bloom into something special.

Alongside the Discord Community team, staff members from all across Discord will swing by to offer words of wisdom straight from the source. You’ll learn how to run your server more effectively while getting sneak peeks at upcoming Discord features-in-testing. 

One quick note: this is a community of Discord admins and moderators helping each other grow to the best they can be, not a way to expedite your support ticket. That’s the one thing they can’t help you with. If you’re looking for the help of our support team, you’ll still need to head to dis.gd/support and submit a ticket! 

For full details on entering the Discord Admin Community, enable the “Community” feature suite on your server and check out our Help Center Article.

The Foundation for Growing and Prosperous Communities on Discord Starts with You: The Admins and Mods 

For us, these resources are only the beginning. We’re working on bigger and better ways to support both growing and established communities: new features and tools to help you build, enjoy, and safeguard your community. If you saw us announce AutoMod today, that might give you a sense for the resources we have in store. 

Growing a community can lead to incredible things. You and your moderation squad will shape a space where laughs are shared, friendships are formed, and memories last a lifetime.

We hope to see you in the Discord Admin Community soon!