Whether it’s Halloween season or you like your frights year-round, playing or watching horror games can be a great way to face your fears — or boost your bravery — with friends.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to join the same multiplayer game and talk with your friends on Discord, no matter what console you’re using And with the ability to stream and chat on Voice, you can bring your friends along for the ride — even if they’re just there for emotional support as you attempt to find the source of that eerie knocking noise…. 

Today, we’re sharing a handful of horror games that make playing with your friends even more fun on Discord. They’ll let you join in on a voice call and overcome evil together, or stream and let your friends watch as you overcome your fears with their moral support (or surprise soundboard jumpscares).

Never streamed to Discord from your gaming console or used cross-platform voice before? It’s so easy, it’s scary. Follow the links below to get started:

For using Discord Voice on console:

For streaming your game from Xbox to Discord:


Available on PC, coming to consoles in 2023. Not rated by ESRB at this time. 

Gather your friends, grab your flashlights and EMF detectors, and start your ghost-hunting career in Phasmophobia, a game where you and your friends will work together to identify what’s lurking in the shadows, save the evidence, and make it out alive. 

Communication is key when in the darkness — whether you’re trying your hand at the first neighborhood house in the game or you’ve played enough to unlock the daunting asylum, keep close tabs on your friends at all times and check up on ‘em. Talk using Discord Voice chat when needed, and keep your mic on hand to talk to spirits directly. You never know if they’re listening…

Phasmophobia is available now on PC and coming to consoles later in 2023, and will support PC and console crossplay when released. You’ll be able to hunt ghosts with your friends no matter what they’re playing on and talk with each other via Discord. Ya’know, like a giant super-interconnected-spirit-walkie-talkie that talks across gaming universes. Maybe that’s the real ghostly power you’re dealing with… 

Dead By Daylight

Available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and Switch. Rated M.

Dead By Daylight is both a co-op game and a player-versus-player multiplayer game – four survivors work together to escape, while one player tries to catch them all before they find a way to get free. 

Both sides have special perks and abilities, and there are both characters unique to the Dead By Daylight universe and an enormous selection of licensed characters from beloved horror franchises, including Halloween, Friday the 13th, and more. If you’ve got any interest in horror media, whether it be movies or games, you’ll immediately recognize at least one of the characters in Dead By Daylight. Oh, and Nicholas Cage is in the game, as… Nicholas Cage. 

Dead By Daylight supports cross-play, so whether you and your friends are playing on PC or console, you’ll all be able to connect via Discord, and coordinate together. Got five friends together? Consider running a custom game and listen as things go downhill when both good and evil can taunt each other in the same Discord voice chat. 

Left 4 Dead 2

Available on PC. Rated M. 

After almost 15 years, Left 4 Dead 2 remains one of the best games to get a group together and laugh your heads off as your friend gets surprised-swarmed by fifty zombies out of the blue. Play co-op campaigns or play as the infected in Versus modes that let you try and stop other players from completing campaign levels. 

The base game includes all content from Left 4 Dead 2 and the original Left 4 Dead. Once you’ve made your way through the base game, there’s an endless amount of content to check out in the Steam Workshop. You’ll find everything from new weapon and character models, to entirely new multi-level campaigns made by a dedicated modding community with over a decade of creation history. You’ll easily get hundreds of hours of gameplay and experience moments with your friends that’ll stay in your memory for years to come. 

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Rated Mature. 

Based on the original 1974 movie, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a 3v4 asymmetrical multiplayer game where four victims try and escape from an insidious family. In this game, the opposition isn’t just one player at a time, but a three-person team that works together to track down their escapees before they manage to make it out alive. 

This game’s a bit more stealth-oriented compared to the rest of the multiplayer games on this list. For the victims, it’s a much more tense, stealth horror game where you have to outwit real players to escape. For the family, you’ll need to keep track of the many ways victims can escape. If either team makes a loud noise, both will be notified of where it happened — which can be either detrimental or beneficial depending on how you plan things out. 

The game supports cross-play, letting both victims and the family communicate on whether or not to make a run for it or coordinate where the opposing team may be lurking about. Hop on the same Discord call on any platform the game is available on, and you’ll be winning matches at a frightening pace. 

Amnesia: The Bunker

Available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Rated M.

Look, sometimes it’s just as fun to have your friends watch you get scared by streaming your game to Discord, and the newest entry in the Amnesia series, Amnesia: The Bunker, is a great option. Stuck in a WW1-era bunker, your task is simple: escape. You’ll need to navigate the darkness and avoid a monster lurking about, but even with your friends watching, you may not have their help… 

Many of the in-game items, such as door codes, trap placements, and even key items are randomized on each playthrough, meaning a friend who has played The Bunker previously may also see the unexpected while they watch you. Nitro members can even use our early-access Clips feature to capture your most tense moments, so you can focus on evading while your friends get the best footage to share with the group chat.

If you’re looking for additional games from the same developer, consider the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Both games have a strong modding scene and Steam Workshop support, helping you easily find community-created content and levels to play. 

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